X-men ,what should be the current line up ??

With still alot of x-titles around ,i was just wondering what people fel shoudl be the current line up of the X-Men or are people happy with separate teams over various issues.I feel that the team could do with being solidified into one book or oen team covering legacy and uncanny at least.Also feel the team should change a bit,refesh it.I currently enjoy reading X-force and New Mutants the most,liek both of those teams but think that some of the characters from eachof those books should be integrated into the main x team and maybe have one team.My line up would be Cyclops,Wolverine (not brave enough to remove him),Warpath,Cannonball,Northstar,Hellion,Sunspot,Rogue,Pyslocke,Surge,X-23    maybe Archangel and leave it at that.With the current X nation set up people can come and go and guest spots wuld obviously happen but i think it would benefit from a steady ship for a while ,any thoughts ??


With Siege coming up does this mean the end of all Dark Reign....

titles and Avengers titles currently running ?? Surely this means the end of Dark Avengers for definite as Siege looks to be bringing about the end of Norman Osborn.Also i fear the end of Avengers the Initiatve (wasted Opportunity in my eyes) and more sadly New Avengers.Looks like almost defitely The Mighty Avengers will consist of the main Three Captain America,Thor and Iron Man (nothing to do with The Avengers film in the works of course !!!!) How do other people feel about this ? i find it kind of cynical ,some great ideas came out of bendis work with the Avengers ,some of the biggest changes in years which definitely refreshed it,it seems only to be undone a few years later due to films being made.I just feel a number of characers could disappear back into obsurity after this event.
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what is everyone reading at the moment ?

whats got peoples attention ? i am still catching up on back issues of series to be honest,trying to follow blackest night and dark reign when i can.i am liking justice league cry for justice at the moment,also enjoying guardians of the galaxy apart from when the art went awry for about 4 issues from issue 16.also starting to read vengeance of the moon knight,good to have him back

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what do you think is the best 80's marvel comic?

Would be another 3 way tie for me,between uncanny x men,new mutants and the avengers.Uncanny x men kind of goes without saying,its when it came into its own and had most of the best storylines,once it got to the 90's they overdone the crossovers i feel to the detriment of the comic. New mutants just had good characters and you grew with them. The Avengers just had its peak period i think during this time,from the wonder man /beast team of early 80s to the time when Black Knight and Hercules came in.


What do you consider the best dc comic from the 80's?

As it was a time when i started reading and the time i remember most fondly,wonder what people thought.Personally for me it was a 3 way tie,with new teen titans,legion of superheroes and justice league/international later in the decade.All had great art,particuarly the first two and really great storytelling and justice league managed humour without taking too much from the drama and action.It also really developed characters and character relations drawing it away from previous one dimensionalty of heroes and their worthiness.


good art or good story

for me if the book hasnt got good art then it wont attract me.it disappoints me when a really good story has what i consider weak art to support.it definitely needs a combination of both for me.good art and a good story.some art recently for me has been to anime and cartoon like in big stories and it takes away some imapct form the story i feel.