Gods, Avatars and Lovers of Death, Darkness, Destruction and Oblivion.

Note: This list has no real order, it is just a compilation of individuals and teams who represent/embody the concepts listed in the title.

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Very good list.

Posted by Sebastian Dark

kool list
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@Sebastian Dark said:

" kool list "

Thank you for the compliment. Putting together this list was quite hard and I am pretty certain that I am still very far from completing it.
@Michael the Fly said:
" Very good list. "

Thank you as well.
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Great list!

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nicely done

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Great list Gray Fox. i don't know if the Inbetweener(created by Lord Chaos and Master Order to be the balance between Chaos and Order) falls into this category or not. also, during the Thanos Imperative, Drax the destroyer was stated as being an avatar of life. lastly, Avatar(that's her name) is the "avatar" of Mistress Love, and Master Hate. i don't know if you feel any of these characters should be on your list, i just wanted to offer a few more suggestions. Once again though, this was a great list. 

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this list was real good i learn  a lot
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I enjoyed the list thank you very much!