The world's most daring Tufted Titmouse

Well, ok, maybe not the most daring Tufted Titmouse, but it might rank pretty high. A couple days ago, this Titmouse (a type of bird) came up and started flying at our window while are cats were sitting next to it. It just flew at it, tapped real quick, flew back, and did it again, driving our cat's nuts. Thought I'd post some pictures my mom got this morning , some of them are pretty funny. I think it really is a game to him (the Titmouse.)

Get ready, here I come!

Ha! Can't catch me!



A series with Flash, Green Lantern, or the Martian Manhunter could be cool, Green Lantern would probably be more different from some of the series that are already on. Silver Surfer might also be cool. Another thing could be having some sort of crossover series (or something like that) where in each episode a hero from DC and a hero from Marvel meet up and go do something heroic together. Might not work, but I think it could be a cool idea.

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