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The Fulminata

In the time of Rome, the

twelfth legion under Gaius Julius Caesar was the most powerful force of it's time. Having never faced defeat in battle, The Fulminata went on to conquer much of the known world for the glory of the Empire. It was disbanded after the fall of Caesar due to it's large numbers and fear that the loyalty to Julius would eventually lead the twelfth legion to rebelling against the new governing body. For centuries, remnants of the forces met in secret, operating as a secret military under their original leadership.

The Fulminata have now come out of hiding and ai

m to recover their original strength to build a new Roman empire.

Legion Commanders:

Legatus Legionis: The_Roman

Real Name: Proelio Marson

Gender: Male.

Age: 1400.

Height: 6'2".

Weight: 250 lbs.

Hair: Blonde.

Eyes: Red.

Place of Birth: Rome, Italy.

Mini Bio: Proelio is the son of Mars. He was trained to be as fast as Mercury, as strong as Deimos, and to have the keen eye of Minerva. He was greatly loved, but was exiled to Earth when he accidentally inflicted a life threatening injury upon his father. He has since walked the Earth, attempting to revitalise worship of the gods, and defeating people in his father's name.

Tribunus Laticlavius: Lord_Johnathan

Real Name: Johnathan Edenson *DATA EXPUNGED*

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Height: 5'9

Weight: 140 pounds out of armour, 240 pounds in Templar armour, 1,640 pounds in Teutonic armour.

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue

Place of Birth: 21605 Fir Dr, Maple Valley, Washington

Mini Bio: Born in Washington state, John and his sister Jade were the result of the union of Calvin *DATA EXPUNGED*, a direct descendant of John the Baptist, and Rhiannon, a celtic wind goddess. Unfortunately, the Black Hand marked the twins for death as Vrakmul had foreseen that they could possibly disrupt his plans. When Ishmael and his shadow cult descended upon their house, their Elders fought valiantly with superhuman power, but were cut down to a man. However, Jade was stolen away by cosmic forces and John was saved by the intervention of the order of the Talon, who brought him into their order as one of their living saints. He was raised as one of them, trained to be one of their greatest warriors, but he sided with the Ordo Astartes when the Order of the Talon fragmented along religious lines. Now, following the public unveiling of the Astartes, he has joined the illustrious ranks of some of the world's greatest heroes.

Praefectus Castrorum:(Open)

Tribuni Angusticlavii: (Open)

The Centurions

Primus Pilus: (Open)

Pilus Prior: (Remaining Open Spots)

Foreign Relations

The Ordo Astartes

The Ordo Astartes

The Ordo Astartes are a splinter group of the Order of the Talon, which have evolved from the remnants of a long lost Symaarian colony on earth, to a cult of Athena, to the catholic order it is now. The Ordo Astartes split from the Talon over religious differences, with the Astartes following the Symaarian Holy Navigator and the Order of the Talon following the Christian deity. The Astartes is more idealistic in it's goals, not content in just keeping evil at bay, but wishing to remake the world into a better place. They hope to recreate what they believe is the ideal of Symaar on Earth and have allied with the Fuliminata due to similar beliefs.