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It's probably going to be something similar to Cyclops powers in the Ultimate universe. Or maybe the Phoenix possession allowed him to reach his full potential, as he holds back to avoid the full destructive force of his powers. Maybe he'll gain control of it within time.

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G-Man, I've been reading X-Men and their associated comics for years, and something always bothered me. Illyana Rasputin's Soulsword. It's said that it only harms magical creatures and/or spells. It's the ultimate expression of her sorcerey. But I can remember a couple of times where it did affect non-magical entitites or objects. For example, when the New Mutants first fought The Hellions, Illyana used it on the mutant Catseye, who is not magical in nature, and floored her with it. Another example was when Illyana got overcome by her dark side and held The New Mutants captive, and destroyed a rock with her sword. Warlock commented on how the pieces of the rock had been magically mutated into abberations, while everyone was surprised that it affected the rock at all. So what's the deal? Is it finicky and dependent on the writer? Or are there some exceptions? I know the Soulsword can harm Kitty Pryde, even while she's phased, and that Kitty can wield the weapon, and that it has something to do with this weird, spiritual connection between them, but that doesn't account for those other instances. Unless she's throwing excess magic off in anger that harms the non magical entities in said examples. Would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on the subject. Until comics cease to amaze me, make mine Comicvine

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He'd still try to save him the old fanshioned way. To Superman, the "ends justify the means" doesn't apply. Superman's compassion for living things is his greatest strength. However, it's also his greatest weakness, and is often exploited by his enemies. A failed rescue attempt wounds The Man of Steel ten times more than Kryptonite or Magic ever could.

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If this was actually a battle of who would win if neither was immune to the other's powers, and Havok and Cyclops' energy could be unleashed to it's full potential, the world would go nuclear, A. from Havok absorbing energy from all the stars in the sky, and B. Cyke's Optic Blast point of origin stays infinetly open. It would suck for everyone. That being said, Havok has to hold back his abilities with the suit so they don't get out of hand. Cyclops has the energy output of a nuclear reactor according to Iron Man, and just from both of their skills manipulating a simple energy blast in combat into a variety of uses, I think it could honestly go either way. Both have experience in leadership and strategy, and both have a firm grasp on how to use their abilities. The main difference is that Scott is more level headed and careful, taking time to exploit weaknesses, while Alex is more quick to jump the gun. Kind of like the best defense is a good offense. He's not as rash as say, Wolverine, but he's a lot more hotheaded than Cyclops.

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@G-MAN Jimmy Palmiotti seems like a really nice guy, and he's super funny. Any chance you could ask him to guest star on one of the podcasts?

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And this is why the AoA Nightcrawler is no replacement for Kurt Wagner. :(

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G-Man, if you could develop super powers, DC Comics style, what type of powers would you want? Multiple overpowered abilities with one overall weakness (ie. Superman, Martian Manhunter, Aquaman), One power that allows you to do a hundred different things with that one power (ie. The Flash), A talisman that grants you super powers (Green Lantern, Dr. Fate), or just advanced skills and training with money, resources, and technology (ie. Batman and Green Arrow)?

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Hope it's not just the Superman: Brainiac story. It's a great story, but not long enough for a movie. Add something to it.