X-MEN STORIES 1# : Hard Edged Rivals...

Here is the first in a series of X-Men fan-fiction I'm planning on posting.

X-Men Stories 1# : "Hard Edged Rivals"

These are short stories devoted to characters I love, and stories I want to read.

I hope you guys feel the same way, enjoy!

P.S. Mike Carey's Age of X story / Kieron Gillen's current Uncanny run are good reference points if you find yourself lost at all during this read.)

Posted by papad1992

interesting... a little rough but interesting nonetheless!!

Posted by Dman1366

Script isn't bad, but i would stay away from CGI. try and stick with art.

Posted by The_Diamond_Prince

@Dman1366: Haha, if only I was a gifted penciler...the CGI will have to do for now. I hope the story at least comes through.

Posted by Dman1366

@The_Diamond_Prince: go to your local community college. i have seen some of the best pencilers there. this one kid did a piece of Lockheed and Kitty, it was unbelievable. you would think that Alan Davis regained his youth.

Edited by PhoenixoftheTides

I like your characterization of Emma. The thought of her teaching an ethics class is hilarious. I do have to question why she would resort to a punch when she could have taken Frenzy out faster with TP, but I guess you needed a way for Frenzy to not be reduced to a drooling mannequin too quickly.

ETA: By the way, I wanted to at least add that I could recognize the characters in your CGI art! Any particular reason you avoided thought bubbles?

Edited by The_Diamond_Prince

@PhoenixoftheTides: I have to give credit to Joss Whedon for establishing what Emma actually teaches. As for not using Emma's TP in that moment, I saw it more as Emma not wanting to risk being knocked into a coma outside of her diamond form...and to give Frenzy a fighting chance haha.

Posted by The_Diamond_Prince

@PhoenixoftheTides: The caption boxes acted as thought bubbles. And I'm glad to hear my characters were recognizable...I was debating whether I should use pictures at all, but again, It's about the story and the characters for me. Thanks!