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Hey Crew,

So as far as I know, Kitty has never gone through a 2nd mutation. I only ask this because in recent issues (A+X and All New X-Men) Kitty has show that her phasing abilities makes her short out anything electrical. If this is so, why hasn't she short out any of he old school Sentinels in the past when phasing through?

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Hey Gang!

So when it comes to trades, publishers like to plaster bunch of good reviews on the cover/back of the book. DC states the company with the quote while Marvel list the journalist with their quote, but have you ever been featured on a trade? If so, which ones?

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Hey Crew,

As a straight man, I applaud the efforts of DC & Marvel to be L.B.G.T. friendly because that's the real world we live in. Young Avengers was one of my favorite series and Batwoman still continues to be so. Within the new millennium, they introduced Gay leading characters (Al Scott) and gay supporting/teen supporting characters (Wiccan & Hulkling). DC also won GLAAD awards with the leading character of Batwoman for lesbians. My question is... if they big two are SO L.B.G.T. friendly, why are they forgetting the B & T?

Okay, from a business standpoint, I can see how tricky it would be just to roll out a leading Bisexual character or a Transgender. As any book, a character needs time before having his/her own solo series. But why aren't they pushing B&T supporting characters?

Couldn't Bruce Wayne have a bisexual personal assistant at Wayne Industries (and be shown more than once)? If Jimmy Olsen can get One Shots, so could this assistant.

Or why not have SHIELD assign a transgender agent to be The Avengers personal liaison? Maybe later this person can get 4 issue mini action packed series.

I see those two being very possible. Again, I applaud the work achieved, but they can try a little harder.

PS Tony & Sara, you're more than welcome to use this for an article :)

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Hey crew,

In Batwoman #0 (pre-NEW 52), Bruce Wayne had returned to the cowl from his "death" and finally had time to evaluate this Batwoman. Through his detective work, Bruce concluded Batwoman was really his cousin, Kate Kane. However, Kate is no dummy as she investigates who Batman is (her run in Detective Comics). My question is... does Kate know Batman is her cousin?

This Issue
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Hey gang, hope everyone has had a fun week! My question is open to everyone (Tony, Sara, Corey and James if they are here).

So it seems like the Ant- Man movie has either not starting casting or no names are sticking. With production estimated to start January 2013, it is odd no actor’s names have been thrown around. To the comic community, this process should be important to us. And every time a movie does come out, you guys usually spend sometime expressing opinion on the actors performance.

Question is: if you were a casting agency, whom would you cast? We know the characters confirmed are Hank Pym and Scott Lang. And lets assume Janet will be involved too. That said, here are the guidelines…

· Tony cast Hank

· Sara cast Janet

· Corey cast Scott (if Corey is not around, then James)

· James, since you are aware of the film industry, analyze their decisions

Here are my choices but don’t read them out loud yet. Don’t want to influence the vote

Hank Pym – Ewan McGregor (Star Wars): He is not stranger to big blockbuster movies, old enough to assume a mentor role, and can pull off the lab geek. Plus, he has the range incase they make Hank the abusive spouse.

Janet – Olivia Munn (G4, The Newsroom): It can be argued since Janet and Hank split, she grew into herself and started having fun. Olivia has the short hair, fun personality, and could be foreseeably romantically attached to Ewan. Plus, she brings diversity to the much-needed Avengers team (if were to join).

Scott Lang – Alex Pettyfer (I Am Number Four): He is no rookie to action movies. Not only that, he’s yet a big name (just like Chris Hemsworth before Thor). Younger than Ewan and can pull off having a 5 year/less Cassie.

Thanks for putting up for my question, HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND!

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So it's offical,

Wave 3 Are...

  • Threshold
  • Vibe
  • Katana
  • Constantine
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Ahh, I see what you did there

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Awesome background to where he was sitting

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Hey Scott, the fans out here are more than excited to see your turn on Superman. Here's my question, is your Superman going to deal with sun and magic (meaning, is he still fueled by the sun and does magic still no longer effect him). Thanks!

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What about the Louis Lane mention in Spider-Man?!?