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Hey Crew,

So the Earth Green Lantern Crew is pretty diverse (in race and characteristics). But look at them when it comes to ethnicity; you have an Arabic- American, African-American, 2 Caucasians who are very separate, and an Mexican-American. That's great and you can see why people often have their own favorite Lantern. Now I'm saying I don't think race should be constantly treaded when it comes to a hero (especially since we know it already), but it never hurts.

I mention this because whatever happened to Kyle? Whatever happened to his Mexican- American heritage? He is one I like to follow and has what I think is the strongest GL book out there (aside from the main book), but it seems to be no mention of his Mexican- American heritage. One of my favorite Kyle stories was during The Sinestro Corps Wars when Parallax was looking through Kyle's memories and tormented a memory of one of his mom's Mexican Art Galleries. Stories like these are always more interesting because it dives into who he is and his secrets. I'm not asking to make his ethnicity the center of his core, but a New 52 mention of being who he is won't hurt.

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Hey Gang!

So previously stated, the website will get a complete make over this year. As part of the make over, why not add a shop section? We all want our shops to stay around and survive (and Corey would agree), so why not create a section where shops can been seen and listed that are local. And the store will have access to these pages.

Website like Yelp and Google already do this, but you guys can go further. Here, there can be no shop reviews from the community for the sake of avoiding bad reviews driving the store to close, but a comment portion to share opinions. And also category section that list if the shop is large, small, old school, or modern chic. But what really could drive this to be different is the option of the stores willing to do online offers through their wikipage (like print out coupons). And a section that shows shops near the page you are already looking at. Plus, the option of the shop releasing a weekly news letter on their page to let Viners know what they have ordered.

It might be a risky venture on your guys end, but I think this could be a huge catch!

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Hawkeye + Budapest + Bro quotes = Best Avengers Yet


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Happy New Year Gang!

So it's safe to say we're not done with Harper Row. She was bad ass willing to throw herself on the line (hmm, sounds like masked vigilante traits...). And with Red Bird cowl done with by Damian, would you like to see Harper be the next Red Bird?

We already know Batman Inc and the mainstream are connected. Think about it, it gives her a place and reason to be a masked vigilante. She does not have to swing rooftop to rooftop, but can work the criminal world of Gotham. See it as Streets of Gotham mixed with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. She hits the crime lords to protect her neighborhood, but while destroying their credibility through her technological savvy ways. Ladies and gentlemen, we may have a hit!

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Easy, no other than JJ Jameson. So few Spidey villains had made it a mission to destroy Peter and Spidey's life. Since introduced, he's made a mission to hate Spider-Man and dislike Peter. Over time they rough and tumbled, however Jameson seems to win later down the line. As Parker, Jameson has...

  • Not respected/accepted him
  • Take advantages away from him
  • And become a horrible step brother

And I can go ON AND ON for what Jameson has targeted Spidey for, but this makes him one of the best. Since Civil War they have grown distant a bit (Jameson is mayor while Peter is at Horizon). But Jameson still can create Whipple affects towards our hero. True, Jameson does not know Spidey's identity, but for him that's not needed. In a bigger office, Jameson can finally get his leash on the Spider-Man!

Not to mention, he's a jerk...

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Hey G-Man, do you ever get pepperoni pizza urges. Those are hard to deny

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Hello G-Man and maybe surprise guest,

So G-Man, you've said in the past you're a former Chi-Town guy who use to be a High School Math teacher. Just wondering, which high school was it? No, I'm not a former student or stalker, but I live in Chicago and it always questioned me. But if you don't wanna answer, I respect that.

Also, what was your former comic shop in Chicago? I'll walk in for you and say to them "You should be lucky G-Man was a former client of yours"

Surprise guest: Would you have want G-Man to be your HS Math teacher?

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Hey Gang,

My question is, how do you bag and board?

  • Tuck the flap in?
  • One piece of tape? Two?
  • Double side it?

What I do is 1 tape it and fold the tip of the tape a bit in so I can create an easy grab tab. Then I two comic it. That may be frowned upon but I don't have a lot of space so consolidating is needed. Only the important issues get there own bag and board.

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At the end of the trailer, this popped up...


Any clue what that was?

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Hey Gang,

EVERYTIME I look at Fables and its trades, I feel extremely lost. Only hear good things from it but it's not in my interest, so I would like to pass it onto my girlfriend. She loves anything by the original Grimm Brothers so Fables only sounds reasonable. I guess my dilemma is, WHERE SHOULD SHE START? Preferable somewhere fresh so she wouldn't have to read every trade (my pockets aren't that deep).