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Hey Crew! I have a question for everyone, but I mainly address this to Sara

So my girlfriend is a newbie to comics. She has read the works of Lost Girls, Batwoman, Wonder Woman, Swamp Thing, and WE3. This is a very wide range of reading material yet she has enjoyed them all. A thing we have between each other is that she is my Batgirl (she too has red hair so it is a bit of a running joke). Aside from that, I know Babs to be one of THEE best DC Woman so I really want to fill her in. Yet with all the comic material she has read, she still not has not picked up a single Batgirl trade (minus the Zero Month issue). So this C2E2, I will be buying tons of things Babs.

My List So Far Is

  1. Batgirl Year One - DC will reprint this in June with Robin Year One binded into it. But if I can find the first printing the better.
  2. The Brave and the Bold #33: Ladies Night - This was the issue when WW and Zatana gave Babs one final good night before The Killing Joke. Worth owning.
  3. The Killing Joke - It is not 100% a Barbara story yet it shaped her so much. It is a must read.
  4. Batgirl (New 52) Vol 1 + 2 Trades - I am reluctant to give these because I know how much of a lackluster it has been, but I want her to form her own opinion.

So my question is, what Birds of Prey/ Oracle story should I include? I want to include something between Killing Joke and New 52, however it needs to be a single trade that can stand alone yet serve as a smooth transition into the New 52 trades. I sadly don't have the deep pockets to spend everything Oracle :(

Sara, I believe you are the person for this mission! Thank you!

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Batman Incorperated #8

Okay, here goes the never ending topic, comic book deaths. It seems like nobody can stay dead and there is always clever way of bringing them back. Janet (Wasp) was never really dead but was actually shot into a microverse for years. And Bucky never died but was lost in the freezing ice with a faint heartbeat to only be picked up by the Russians. We the readers only assumed death but never question the final moments. So what makes a final deadly death count?

Looking at Batman Inc #8, Damian is stabbed in the stomach and not heart. Being his fathers child, Wayne's have been known to survive much worse. Little bit of optimism and hope says that this is a way out of a "death". If a rule book said what would be a final non-reversal death, I think it would say...

  1. He/ She would need to be executed by a vital organ (Heart or Brain) and would have to depart on the scene.
  2. A dismemberment of the body beyond repair.

What rules would you add for deaths to count here on and out? Do you see a way out too?

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Howdy CV Crew,

So what do you think of the new Raven costume? It was fully shown in Teen Titans #16 and I have to say it's a FAR miss.

I think DC has been getting a lot of heat with their female characters showing skin since the New52, so her covered head to toe makes since. Especially since if you're going to brand her as a teen again. Saying goodbye to the the one piece bikini was easy for me, but what's with her head gear?! Her cape is a feather piece and has kinda of a less Gothic feel so I am somewhat bothered, but covering her face makes her look like a manga character or future cop. The only hit I like is the half feathered body suit. What do you guys think?

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Seems fitting. As far as well know Hulk runs, this is sure one of them. Maybe HULKS for the 3rd movie... nah

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Hey Crew!

So how do you feel about the Green Lantern Universe shake up. I say everyone there is strong and more than capable, however this is just me nitpicking, I would had rather seen someone else than Billy Tan on GL. I think they got the wrong Tan (meaning Philip). A refresher, Philip Tan previously worked on GL for those issue when Larfleeze was introduced. G-Man usually features him weekly on the Saturday art post and I think his work is spectacular. Philip was on Savage Hawkman for awhile but left. I understand they're changing the art up to give the new teams an identity, but much rather would have seen Philip again. Do you agree? Disagree? Can Billy lead THEE lead book? Who would have been your pick?

Also, what do you think of the title Superman Unchained by Scott & Jim. Everyone thought the new title should have been Man of Steel and I was one of them. It's not about about the movies name but his nickname. Batman is the "Great Detective" and runs Detective Comics, why not Man of Steel comics? This title seems like it would only be relevant when those two are on the series (Scott and Jim). If one or both left, seems not fitting as a continuing book. Almost like what Grant is to Batman Inc. Curious on those thoughts.

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Hey Amigos!

So I don't know A LOT about the Infinity Gems, but I get their purpose. Researching on CV, I became color associated to what power they held. In New Avengers #3 it is listed again...

  • Red = Mind
  • Orange = Reality
  • Yellow = Power
  • Green = Space
  • Blue = Time
  • Purple = Soul

Spoiler, when they crack something happens. I don't think people caught this, but here it is...

When cracked, their labels were changed into new associations

  • Red = Space
  • Orange = Time
  • Yellow = Power
  • Green = Mind
  • Blue = Reality
  • Purple = Soul

Maybe I'm reading too far into this, but maybe this switcheroo will be prevalent in coming issues

UPDATE: A community member has messaged me saying that Hickman went over to Twitter to say this was an accident. I still kept the post here because I'm still not buying it....

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Hey Gang!

So walking out of my LCS, I grabbed the little free advertisement postcards like always. This week they were offering a Man of Steel bookmark so of course I took one (not four you greedy people). As I turned to the back of the bookmark, DC list 6 books hopefully new readers can grab right before the movie. The six listed are...

  1. Superman: Earth One Vol. 1
  2. Superman: Earth One Vol. 2
  3. All-Star Superman
  4. Last Son of Krypton
  5. For Tomorrow
  6. Superman: Action Comics Vol. 1 (New 52)

So, do you guys agree with this list? Would you replace any as long as it kept to 6? I feel like DC just choose the 6 best money making graphic novels, however, I would give the Earth One's a fighting chance since those books kinda have the same tone as the movie.

Also, thanks Warner Brothers for giving us a 2013 release date, but don't over work the Rock Steady people!

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Happy Friday CV CREW!

So rumor mill has it that the next 2 Hulk movies will be based on Planet Hulk and World War Hulk. Supposedly after the events of Avengers 2, the cinematic Illuminati will have to send Mark Ruffalo away. To me, it makes a great deal of sense. Why base the future of his franchise on old story arc's when you can take a successful one from the mid 2000's. As far as I remember, those arcs were a hit. However, I feel this PH & WWH should not be dragged to 2 movies.

For me, Hulk 2 should start with Banner with a one way ticket to Jennifer (She-Hulk) post Avengers 2 movie to relax and reconnect with family as he is on the run again. Instead of her becoming mobbed shot, she is ill and Banner is willing to do the transfusion to save her. She's better and green. Week later when all was fine and dandy, SHIELD swarms him to take him (not so easily). Banner is capture and awakes to the Illuminati sending him off. There begins the PH story. Meanwhile on Earth, Jennifer is mad and tries to rescue her cousin anyway possible. After Hulk has established himself on Sakaar, he gets an incoming message from Jennifer with coordinate planes back home. Ready for revenge, Hulk leaves creating the WWH portion of the movie. And for post credits Caiera saves the coordinates to send a pod to Earth... that pod carries Skaar!

Reason I say to combine PH & WWH is to do a Red Hulk for their third movie. You can say that is risky, but isn't having Cap fight his Russian Assassin Brainwashed trained Best-friend sound more absurd than a family brawl? I would keep it to Hulk, Red Hulk, She-Hulk, and Skaar just for sakes of not confusing people. And as you may remember, Leader was already introduced in Hulk 1 so this would bring things full circle. Plus, by this time hopefully Hulk Agents of SMASH will be running and successful making it easier for audience to understand.

Sorry for the long opinion. HAPPY WEEKEND!

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Hey Gang!

So when we watch a DVD's, almost always seen is the FBI warning for piracy. It's a long 15 sec text that warns people of the fines. The comic industry suffers from piracy too through scanners. My question is, if a DVD can give a warning of piracy fines, why don't the books do just the same?

No, I don't my comics to look like the cigarette cartons with huge warning labels, but the back page of a corner can be reserved. Maybe, JUST MAYBE, there can be a very SLIGHT decrease of scanning if they knew what was going to hit them.

PS, loved the 1-18-13 show. It was like Father Tony left for the weekend and gave the keys to the BMW to his 2 teenage kids. It felt fun and you two (Sara & Corey) keep up the good work!