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This question is for The Booch Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (yeah, bad joke). Since you and Francis share writing duties on The Flash, who tends to write:

  • The Science-y stuff
  • The Action Sequences
  • The Dialog
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Did they announce a whole franchise take over or just the prequel?

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@g_man After seeing the 3 JL teams at it, VERY curious to how James' JS team will jump in

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"Meanwhile, in the umbrella factory.." should had played for this podcast as a late April fools prank

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Hey Amigos!,

It seems like comic sites and readers are silently scared of one thing, In House Ads. I was around those days when Got Milk, Hubba Bubba, or Mountain Dew ads filled my books with loud and colorful those ads. I never mind them but I understood that the publishers made money from running selling that space. Heck, 2-3 years ago, Mass Effect flooded the books. As of today, ads remain on the back as the insides try to sell us on a new title, but is that really bad?

The big two have their own television/ film departments which act as cash cows carrying the companies. If some of that money rolls over to cover the books advertisement need, wouldn't it make sense to promote a new title instead of selling that space. If that's the case, we should have nothing to worry about, wouldn't we? Maybe one day Tony can ask Geoff & Jim, "what happened to Got Milk?"

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Howdy Crew!

So since Mark Millar has taken the chief role of all Fox/Marvel movies, he probably has some tightening up to do. Without any doubt the biggest property he's overseeing is the X-Men franchise. But before he took his role, things were a train wreck. Stories did not align between movies and charters were thrown left and right. The Wolverine is said to take place after Last Stand while forgetting everything from Wolverine Origins. This will be Mark's first Fox film and the trailer seems promising. But as we're on the verge of the X-MenFirst Class: Days of Futures Past, time jumping and alternate realities will most likely be the focus of the second movie. As these events will happen, this is the perfect time to pull a Flashpoint move to reboot their movies. My question is, could DOFP movie serve as reboot in the Fox cinematic universe?
The other property Fox owns is the Fantastic Four while losing Daredevil. If DOFP will serve as reboot to connecting cinematic universe, then the FF reboot promised may appear in future X-Men movies. Do you think that's the goal for First Class 2? Would this be the smarter thing to do if they want to keep the properties?

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Saddest part was I accidentally slept past it :( R.I.P.

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Using IMAGE's boards lol

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So what do you guys think of the drop of presence from DC & Marvel from shows like C2E2 and WonderCon? I'm attending C2E2 this year and disappointed that DC decided to drop out. It seemed this show was slowly becoming popular. Marvel hasn't said anything yet for C2E2 but we're assuming the same result. People think they're saving themselves for Disney 23 Convention and San Diego. Do you feel it's right they're conserving themselves for the larger shows? What about the regular people who can't make pilgrimages to San Diego yet are loyal to the companies?

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Hey Crew!

So how do you feel about the Green Lantern Universe shake up. I say everyone there is strong and more than capable, however this is just me nitpicking, I would had rather seen someone else than Billy Tan on GL. I think they got the wrong Tan (meaning Philip). A refresher, Philip Tan previously worked on GL for those issue when Larfleeze was introduced. G-Man usually features him weekly on the Saturday art post and I think his work is spectacular. Philip was on Savage Hawkman for awhile but left. I understand they're changing the art up to give the new teams an identity, but much rather would have seen Philip again. Do you agree? Disagree? Can Billy lead THEE lead book? Who would have been your pick?