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Some quick screenshots

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Saw this a few days back. Jamie Bell as a contender? Probably for the role of a young Lang

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Hey guys! By the time you read this NYCC has past and hope it was a great show for everyone! My question to you is, what do you think of Geoff John's leading all of DC's Company-Wide events?

Don't get me wrong, love the guys work yet I feel he needs to step down from Company-Wide events. It began with Infinite Crisis, then part of 52, followed was Blackest Night, Brightest Day, Flashpoint, and the most recent Trinity War (to be fair that event was shared). All were superb however I would like to see DC hand over their next company wide event to someone else. Marvel has been in a recent rotation: Siege by Bendis, Fear Itself by Faction, AvX was shared, and Infinity by Hickman. I for one think this enhances Marvel's books making me prefer their events over DC.

It could be argued that Trinity War may have not been total company-wide but it surged Villains Month for the titles so it partially counts. And true, Scott's Batman work bled into other title's but that remains to be in Batman's corner. Not trying to sound like a Scott fanboy, but why not him or Jeff Lamarie lead the next Company-Wide event. An event that shakes all the titles rather than their own corners. DC could only benefit allowing other talent to share their grand ideas. If they tap from the same well, it will eventually dries. Do you feel the same or think otherwise?

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Screenshot for the folks

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Great interview. Sucks that the books he begins to get a stride on cancel on him. GL:NG looks to be that firm fresh start

I'd love to seen asked about Kyle's (reboot lack off) Mexican- American heritage. Tony Bedard has kinda left that out in the retelling of Kyle's origin. Kinda of a shame.

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From the Site

Hey Gang,

Kinda late but how was everyone's FCBD? Mine was great as my crew and I that day went from shop to shop enjoying our 70+ degree weather. It was quite fun as 3 of my friends who tagged along are not average comic book readers. Sure, they've read one or two in their days but have never hauled so much in one evening. In the spirit of the FCBD, one of the three dressed as The Joker for laughs. It paid off as his photo was featured in a news website along with collecting 10+ FCBD comics for cosplayers at the first shop. To top it off, the shop had door raffles and he scored 10 free first issues Marvel NOW comics (crazy score, right)! In total, him and I were proud as he walked away with 20 comics just for showing up. But later that evening I came to a realization. Why don't FCBD organizers appeal to new readers?

In all honesty, FCBD attracts about a crowd of 90% who are already frequent readers. They're the people who either come in weekly, monthly, or quarterly. And sadly, those people hardly purchasing something that day and take advantage of the comics. Sure, it's not required you have to buy something that day but shop owners have to purchase those comics and it would courteous if you helped them out by buying something you could enjoy. Besides that, FCBD should really be meant to bring the fresh faces in.

For instance, DC often goes to USA Today or The New Yorker to push a certain title (Batman Inc 9 was a perfect example of that) in which more faces saw it and more buyers came out. If the organizers of FCBD took this method probably more fresh faces will come out too. Not to say they don't already have outlets to advertise this day, but those sites are basically the 90% of regular readers already subscribe to. And to add to that, they should push regular readers to bring a plus one who is not. The more the merrier!

Maybe I'm too optimistic but in a perfect world, the other 10% will come out and grow yearly as more incentives will drive them in and too can acquire a haul of 20 comics in one day; and happily free. Then he/ she can slowly become quarterly readers or even possibly monthly readers simply because they saw a large ad in the New York Times paper. Oh and yes, The Joker friend is not happy as there is a few issue 2's he wants to buy thanks to my grew bringing him out.

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How's everyone doing!',

In a recent article by CHUD, an insider to Marvel Studios is saying that Justin Theroux is being considered to write and star in the Phase 3 Dr. Strange. If you're not familiar to Justin, he wrote IM2 and stared in tons of movies most recent being Wanderlust. His personality in real life is a cool rock dude that loves to ride motorcycles. My question is, if Justin were to play Dr. Strange, should he bring a cool edge to the character?

I would like to argue why this would be better. We know Dr. Strange to be the 40-50 year old man with the big cape and wise, but we're in an age were that age range is still young. The average movie go-er could only be drawn into a Dr. Strange movie if he an edge rather than classic Doc we all know. You don't have to strip the character and make him a buffoon who happens to know magic, yet a guy who knows everything is not too appealing either. I think a perfect blend Marvel Studios can do is have Matt Fraction's The Defenders Dr. Strange mixed with the RDJ's Sherlock Holmes series grit. And let's face it, if the classic interpretation Doc were to be in the cinematic Avengers team, he would be too similar to Cap making him dull in a large cast.

If Justin were to write and star, I would trust him. Let's have a Dr. Strange who is a swinger but can anticipate every action with counter magic. We can either have him on the side line making spells or front-and-center for an hour and fourty-five minutes.

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David and Goliath retold by DC

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Okay, I hate to sound like one of those DC paranoids, but did you catch this in Justice League #19? Inside the display case is an outfit meant for a female that is Black & Yellow and (what looks to be) a cowl covering the mouth. Do we have a Cassie Cain?!...

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Not to be lewd or satirical, but James Robinson should be like a DC LBGT correspondent. He may or may not be the main guy in comics to help this community, but when his work tried to reach out he has been more successful. And if it's the case of an editor trying to shove this down Gail's throat, then maybe she should walked away like Joshua Hale Fialkov did. No shame in that