The Batman Future???

  With June around the corner we can see "The Bat Universe" basically monopolizing all of June till the end of summer. One of the titles doing so is the 6 issue mini series"Batman Beyond" with Adam Beechen and Ryan Benjamin. We were first introduce to this new Batman ( Terry McGinnis ) in the series Batman Beyond where it's the year 2039 in Neo- Gotham with Bruce Wayne still alive. However, in the DCU (Earth-1), Damian Wayne takes the mantle as Batman where Bruce is dead.
  Yeah you can be saying "... but Terry lives in Earth-12 (DC Animated) and it doesn't count.". But with the Avengers 1 recently released, Marvel has connected their heroes children from the future in the animated movie Next Avengers to the Marvel Earth-1 Universe. So my question really is "What Batman Takes the Mantle?".
  Here are a few ways these 2 Batmans cross paths   


  • Bruce is dead
  • Barbra Gorden is Commissioner but still paralyzed
  • He acts as "Batman" somewhere between 2010 and 2039 (relatively speaking)  


Superman/Batman Annual
  • Bruce is alive and a mentor
  • Barbra Gorden is Commissioner but can walk
  • His position starts in 2039
   Batman Beyond is not released yet and I can just be over speculating things at this point. This may not even be released as an Earth- 1 comic, but if Marvel incorporated their characters from an animated future to their continuity " How Would Batman Be In The Future???".  
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Batman Beyond is DCAU Not DCU, it's set in the series, between the end of the series and the justice league epilogue episode.
Damian's "Batman" is a possible future

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@ jlat89
True, but one of my points is that MU incorporated characters from their MAU in the recent Avengers book. So would DC possible do this to the upcoming series?

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@The Cyan Lantern:  
It's possible, but probably unlikely
That's what the multiverse is for, the next crisis we'll see them haha
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@ jlat89 
  It would be cool to see that in a multiverse crossover

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That's Earth Zero. That Damian as Batman will be explored in Batman 700 further. 

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honestly like batman beyond way better .... but i think barb should be paralyzed still
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is batman 666 the official future cause i jus reread it and am seeing th connections to th main continuity

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Batman #666 is no more the "official" future than Batman #300 is.

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@Man of Lengend said:
"honestly like batman beyond way better .... but i think barb should be paralyzed still "

Same here, since i actually think Damien is not Bruce Wayne son. 
Terry could have some changes, still most of people like Damien thanks to the child of Batman thing.