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  So a while back I posted this blog ( )questioning the Batman future. I basically asked "Is Terry McGinnis part of the Batman future since he was originally a animated character?" A few said that he wasn't. But released today was Batman #700 and in this issue in a chapter called "And Tomorrow..." it showed that Terry was. I got pretty excited (mainly because I was right) that Terry is included. Maybe we'll have to buy the new Batman Beyond mini series to fully understand that last chapter but I know I was satisfied. 

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Posted by spiderguylll

I bought that issue today and I think Terry is just on another Earth. Like Owlman on earth 3 and The Dark Night Returns on Earth- Who gives a F%^K

Posted by The Cyan Lantern

I like him so I'm happy with it.

Posted by The Poet

Terry now resides on Earth-12.

Posted by Phantim555
@The Poet:
Yea, and there's a version of Bruce Wayne on earth 2, doesn't mean he's the only one. Terry officially exists on Earth 0 now. Gotta admit I'm excited. Too bad he's 50 or 100 yrs in the future.
Posted by The Poet
@Phantim555: not to mention the world where this batman beyond character is called "Tim" (a mistake, but still seems a possibility if he doesn't retire like he is forced to do in Earth-12)