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Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau

Any hot chick in Hollywood?

Posted by inferiorego

Gambler could play her

Posted by Catastrophic

I hate to say this but Jessica Simpson could play her.

Posted by The Crimson Nutcase

Unfortunately yes...
Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir
The Crimson Nutcase said:
@Catastrophic: 0.o Unfortunately yes...

shoot for Scarlett Johanseen, a hot blond with better acting skills
Posted by spellslinger

jessica alba

Posted by The Psyentist
@Catastrophic said:
" I hate to say this but Jessica Simpson could play her. "
Yeah, I could see that.
Posted by Deadstroke

Elisha Cuthbert 

Posted by defaultdefaultdefault

 Sheri Moon Zombie
Posted by King Saturn
   Sheri Moon Zombie "
Give Her some Boob Implants... and YES  !  She Could  !
Posted by DeadpoolEmmet

I think Jessica Alba could if she got breast implants. I personally think cowgirls such as Outlaw are very hot and although I think Scarlett Johnasen is as well, I don't think she's the right type f hot, (yes I know, I'm weird) Elisha Cuthbert's apretty good one, I wouldn't have thought of that, but not Jessica Simpson. And I say no to Sheri Moon Zombie. I'm not looking to start any arguments, just postng my opinion on who should play the hottest comic-book girl I.M.H.O.    

Posted by Donovan Montgomery

Pamala Anderson!    
Posted by Obtrusive

From the picture maybe ali larter

Posted by DeadpoolEmmet

I think Pam Anderson is too old, and Ali isn't hot enough. :L

Posted by DeadpoolEmmet

Wait, doesn't Jessica play The Invisible Woman? And Scarlett plays Black Widow, crap!

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What about Amber Heard? She's I guess Nicholas Cage's Sidekick(?) in the new movie Drive Angry. 


  And if not there's always Lady Deadpool...