Im a little confused about what it is... 
I hear that it takes place after Siege, but what is the whole point in it? 
Anyone know much about it?


Photoshop pro's?

Can someone good with editing photos edit this for me.... 
I want the mtv exclusive bar offense mtv. 


Deathstroke vs Kratos

Kratos has his blades of chaos and the sword of olympus. 
Kratos also has the extra abilities from the GOW games. 
Deathstroke has his usual items. 


Moon Knights new/current run...

Is it any good? Is Moon Knight an interesting character at all? I've grown some interests into him and thought about picking up his new run, but i havent yet....can someone please help me out???



                                                                                                          Deadpool meets Deathstroke
Deathstroke has come to the marvel universe to get rid of his parody version once and for all, will he succeed this time or will he fail to kill our merc with a mouth.

*Friday night Deadpool is in his apartment watching Wolverine & the X-men*

Deadpool: What the hell is this? This episode is like PG to the max! And im not in this episode!? I was in the Hulk Vs Movie!

Deadpool: I think im gonna have to pay a visit to Nick studios…

*Deadpools door is kicked open as Deathstroke barges in*

Deadpool: Jeez lo weeze…doesn’t anyone knock anymore?

Deathstroke: Shut up and this will go a lot quicker.

Deadpool: Shut up? I cant do that unless im in a Fox movie duh!

*Deathstroke shoots the living daylights out of Deadpool*

Deadpool: *charges at Deathstroke, only to get tossed against the t.v by Deathstroke*

Deadpool: *kicks his t.v* Oh c’mon it worked last time!

Deathstroke: I’m tired of you stealing my fame!

Deadpool: *Dodges Deathstrokes bullets* When were you ever famous?

Deathstroke: I was on the Teen Titans cartoon!

Deadpool: Oh yeah! That’s right your famous for taking on a bunch of teenagers all the time…that doesn’t look too good ya know.

Deathstroke: Silence!

Deadpool: You got some serious issues, and thats saying a lot coming from me…

Deathstroke: Its not fair! I’ve been around before you, and then you get created as a parody of me and your famous!

Deadpool: Don’t hate the player hate the game! I cant help it that the chicks dig me…

Deathstroke: *punches Deadpool but misses and hit’s the window*

Deadpool: *throws the t.v at Deathstroke knocking him out the window*

Deathstroke: Oomph! *He falls onto a lower level fire escape*

Deadpool: *Climbs up his fire escape to the top of the building*

Deadpool: *throws rocks down at Deathstroke as he climbs up the fire escape* Die, Die, Die! This isn’t working….

Deathstroke: *launches himself up to the roof top*

Deadpool: *hands to hand combats Deathstroke*

Deadpool: Don’t you think you should calm down you wouldn’t want to have another heart attack now would you?

Deathstroke: *kicks Deadpool off the edge of the roof*

Deadpool: *back-flips onto the next roof top*

Deathstroke: *runs to leap onto the next rooftop, only to get pinned to the next building wall with an arrow*

Deathstroke: *hanging by an arrow in his sleeve on the wall* What the!?

Bullseye/Hawkeye: Names Bullseye, your lucky I chose not to kill you right away…

Deadpool: *looking dumb-founded* Bullseye!? You saved me?

Deadpool: Does this mean we really are BFF!?

Deathstroke: What do you mean kill me right away!?

Deadpool: He’s a lean-mean killing machine!

Bullseye: *runs to join Deadpool on the other roof-top* You can call me the exterminator! Told ya I had a sense of humor Wade.

Deathstroke: *struggles himself free, and jumps on to the roof* Grr…

Deadpool: Here he comes! RUN!

Deathstroke: *shoots repeatedly at Deadpool and Bullseye*

Bullseye: *runs to the next building and launches himself off and backflips over Deathstroke and shoots at his gun pinning it to the roof-top*

Deathstroke: Sonovabitch! *goes to retrieve his gun*

Bullseye: *shoots multiple arrows at Deathstroke*

Deadpool: *shoots rapidly at Deathstroke*

Deathstroke: *dodges all the arrows and the bullets*

Bullseye: Impressive…

Deathstroke: Indeed! *slides on the roof-top to grab his gun*

Bullseye: *shoots two arrows pinning Deathstroke next to his gun* Take a close look at your gun…

*Deathstroke glances at his gun noticing the end of the arrow blinking*

Bullseye: *grins*

Deadpool: Bullseye you so totally stole my issue!

Deathstroke: *the arrow blows up* NOOOOOO!


Bullseye: Consider yourself lucky Wade…

Deadpool: What I won the Mega-Millions!?

Bullseye: No, I just saved your ass.

Deadpool: *as they walk away in the sunset* I so could’ve taken him…

Bullseye: Uh-huh if you say so…

Deadpool: That bastard trashed my place, im gonna go back and check to see if he has a wallet on him..

Bullseye: Whatever…

*Deadpool walks back to the other roof-top*

Deadpool: What the!? He’s gone…

Deathstroke: *watches in the shadows of another roof-top and whispers* This isn’t over…

                                                      The End

Deadpool (Way's run)

Daniel Ways run is my fav Deadpool series out currently...  
Paco's art is amazing, Daniel Way has some pretty cool story arcs out so far and I cant wait to see the future arcs!  
And Deadpool never fails to make me laugh, but yet at the end of the day he gets the job done...sometimes  


Is she more classy/creative or trashy/freak-show?

Lately there's been a lot of talk about Lady Gaga many rumors (which is common for celebs) 
I think she is talented and yeah some of her outfits may be different but I see it as just another reason to like her, she has a different approach to life...what many ppl find completely unfashionable Lady Gaga rocks it like its the "ish"... 
Here's her latest performance that I hear/see many mixed reviews... 

What do you think of her performance? 
Or just of her in general?