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It has to be Black Panther.

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Odin. The father and son together. The emotional content would be high and it could end with a cinematic passing of the torch as Odin falls and Thor becomes King of Asgard.

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@experio: so you cannot relate the strength between the 2 fields then. This renders your argument void for this feat.

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@experio: then tell exactly how much stronger the shield holding the prisoners in was by comparison to the city's shield. Please explain the facts that you have, that obviously no one else is aware of, to support your theory. I eagerly await your response.

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@experio: Because you have no correlation between the strengths of the 2 fields so you cannot say how much force it took to break down the prisoners field vs the larger city field. Yes they have a very similar look but is one a hundred times stronger than the other....or a thousand times. You don't know so everything you say about the feat is an assumption. And basing anything on unfounded assumptions invariably leads to the mother of all f&$@ ups.

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@experio: there is no direct correlation between the strength of the 2 fields. Therefore this feat cannot be interpreted accurately. We do know that in the Avengers the Hulk's blows gave Thor a nose bleed. We know that a large bolder thrown by Kurse was enough to 'stun' Thor momentarily. Kurse's blows were causing bruising and abrasions to Thor's flesh. By direct comparison Superman catapulted through a large section of a small mountain top, destroying it. The area he travelled through appeared to be at least a hundred times greater than the size of the boulder that hit Thor. Additionally Superman did not have a scratch on him.

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@rogueshadow: a human using a hammer to hit an object with gets a boost to the force they hit with. Likewise Thor using Mjolnir also gets a boost accordingly. All the other feats with the bifrost require speculation. There is no evidence to suggest that a rainbow 'glass like' bridge holds the energies of the bifrost when they appear to be projected from another piece of technology.

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@rogueshadow: actually I didn't say which feat and that was my error. I don't view breaking the bifrost as a strength feat as Thor uses Mjolnir to strike the bridge with. The bridge does not really contain the energies to destroy entire realms as the projector that Heimdall initiates is what projects the energy. Additionally any feat where where he uses Mjolnir to strike things with is amplified by Mjolnir to an unknown extent. Deforming Ironman's armour and grappling with the Hulk are the only straight strength feats mentioned.

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In 1977.