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@Mercy_: CV wasnt offline that long :P

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Time to start bringing about the OsC.

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@_Zombie_ said:

@Arashikage_Naja: Then expanding my opinion, it's feeding into the same type of drama you're saying they're advocating. It ain't stating a fact. You're still calling them names. It's just a different form of what you say they're doing.

@_Zombie_: Its addressing their drama. I didnt call them names, I called what they're doing cry baby sh!t and that is what it is. The same people so concerned their canon will be altered in some way are some of the same people advocating dismissing the reboot users canon even though its completely separate. That makes sense how exactly? Thats cool how exactly? If I'm feeding into the drama by calling out people on their bullsh!t then any response afterwards is equally feeding into it. When it was your canon you were concerned about it, it was a different story, but since its now the reboot canon that certain users are advocating purposely ignoring its all good. Riiiiiight lol

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@Mercy_: (technopath, telepath, peaches and plums lol) (and I retconend her, you've never met. Read her new bio if interested)

"The plan is for you to rest. Once we return to France the youngest LeBeau shall be sent for. In your absence your..father has taken precautions, France is slowly being reformed in his image. Though I'm sure he'd rather keep that as quite as possible."

(did he ever finish killing whats her face?)

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@Mercy_: "She's telepathically transmitting our location." her monotone voice almost robotic in its emotionless reverberation. Accelerated senses overlapping one another as Mercy's abilities were cataloged for future study. Jean simply smiled barely giving notice to Fleur's report, which in turn allowed her to further study the strange woman who had been thrust into the middle of an un-winnable situation. "My abilities should be the least of your concern, Ms. O'rourke. Just now that you are in safe hands now. The deadly daughter of the Iberian Emperor can not harm you now." she confidently boosted.

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@Mercy_ said:

Her first instinct was to reach for a weapon and that was exactly what she did. With her breath fogging on the air and her left hand resting gently on the hilt of a kukri she walked up and down the line of ragtag mutants, much as a general inspecting an army would be. Some were trained well and it was evident just in the way that they stood, others not so much. "You overrode my security systems to hide a mutant army?" Turning to look at him over her shoulder, a single eyebrow arched she was both annoyed and impressed. "I'm sorry for your loss, Jean, it's something we're both too well acquainted with."

Placing her hand upon Jean's shoulder she whispered, "We should go, it is unwise to remain in the open." Turning towards Cass while her half cape floated around her side caught in the cold mountain breeze she nodded, "Come Ms. O'Rourke, France awaits." motioning as the LMLF boarded Jean's cloaked jet of unequaled versatility.

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@Surkit said:

@Kratesis said:

I've been looking and looking but I'm struggling to find anything that could be Kratesis's trion bow.

It needs to be a compound bow that's shiny silver, or otherwise very 'sci-fi'

Or it needs to be a glowing energy looking bow. I've tried to find a picture of Skyrim's Bound Bow that are alone on a black background, or otherwise not in gameplay but I haven't been able to.

Shields are also cool. She uses disk shaped shield, think captain america. It needs to be shiny and sci-fi, or capable of fitting Kratesis's 'look' in some way.

Any help here would be epic!

How's this

That is beast mode

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@Kratesis: I could prob photoshop a bow if you feel like waiting. Did this one quickly

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@614azrael: Jean stepping down happened almost a month ago. You didnt become leader until.....yesterday? Day before maybe lol. Dont lie, you were doing that little battle for leadership thing. Dont worry about whats going on here, worry about your thread lmao

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