Cutting Down on Public Transport (spoilers)

  1. In the currently ongoing Second Coming story line a couple of mutants have died or have been taken out of the picture. This is completely understandable as stories without a little death or events that invoke an emotional responce in the remaining characters are generally boring. My problem is that they are all teleporters. 

1. Illyana Rasputin: who uses Teleport Disks (I think thats what they are called): is sent to Limbo and, since that ties in to her own Second Coming story line, probably won't be coming back until the end of the story. 
2. Ariel: who uses Doorway Teleportation (I got Authority flashbacks): is blown up in a car. 
3. Nightcawler (Rest In Peace Elf) Sort-Range Teleportation: is killed by Bastion while saving Hope
I can see why Marvel wanted to do this, six teleporters connected to the X-Men is alittle much. But they seem to have gotten rid of the good ones and left the ones with problems. 
1. Vanisher: who can teleport anywhere but would probably run out on the team the first time he was in any real danger. 
2. Lila Cheney: who can only teleport to distances over a light-year away (seriously!) 
3. Pixie: who almost every reader seems to hate! 
So until Magik gets back from Limbo, or unless Hope has somekind of resserection power, we're stuck with a thief who's out for himself, an interstellar rockstar who has to travel to another planet before she can teleport to the local supermarket, and a girl with a soul-dagger, pixie dust and alot of people that want her to die too. 
We'll miss you Mr Wagner.


My Career Adviser screwed me over!

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The A-Team 100%
Welcome to the A-Team. A soldier of fortune is the life for you. You'll get to travel to different places, shoot machine guns and help polish Mr. T's chains.
Hellfire Club
The Hellfire Club is for you. It can be a dark place but the benefits...and scenery can pay off. Get ready for some good times.
Thieves Guild
So you've chosen the Thieves Guild, eh? The world is yours for the taking. You'll learn the art of...thievery. Why pay for something when you can just take it, right? Just watch out for the law.
Damage Control
Damage Control. You know there's going to be job security with all the superheroes smashing everything. If you don't mind getting your hands dirty or wearing a hard hat, this is the place for you.
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Is It Incest If I Date My Clone?

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Wolverine 100%
Face it bub, you're the best there is at what you do...that must mean you are THE quiz taker. Despite being covered in hair, you somehow are able to attract the ladies. Snikt!
Luke Cage
You are the bad mutha' known as Luke Cage, yo. You don't take crap from anyone. Heck, you even wore yellow satin shirts for the longest time and everyone was afraid to tell you how bad it looked.
You are Thor, the mighty god. You have a big hammer. Watch out where you swing it.
Hey chere, you da man. Dat 'tis pretty cool, mon ami. You are able to charge things up...even the ladies.
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I've Still Got The Moves!

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X-23 100%
You are in for a wild time. X-23 has the stamina to keep going and going. Rough and wild, don't get on her bad side or she might pop a couple claws into ya.
Lady Deathstrike
You are totally gonna die on this date. But good luck screaming for your life while Lady Deathstrike takes your manhood as she uses you for Wolverine hunting practice.
Silent but deadly, Batgirl is likely to knock you out if you try to put the moves on her. Oh, and she doesn't talk... hardly ever. Is that cool?
Wonder Girl
Wonder Girl is the girl next door. Except she could lift a car and throw in on you. Treat her well.
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Who Watches The Watchmen? I Do!

This film had good points and, though alot of fans may think this is sacriligous, bad points.

The major good point: it follows the comic very closely. All the important points of the comic book are recreated, the Comedian's life and death, Rorschach's relentless and sociopathic dediacation to justice, Dr. Manhattan's detatchment from humanity. The fact that the cast was made up of unknowns actually helped the film, as the chosen stars looked just like their comic book counterparts (Nite Owl looks like he has been plucked right off the page) and their voices were just as I had envisioned. The fight scenes were bloody and spectacular, more so than I thought they would be, but that's to be expected as there is only so much that a drawing can show. And, though there is only one sex scene, the fan boys will enjoy it, if only for the fact that Silk Spectre keeps her boots on.

Now for the bad points: it follows the comic too closely. The fact that the film is a bladder-achingly 2 hours and 42 minutes isn't helped that most of the film is just talking, and though the fight scenes are great, they are too short and too few. And, for my own tastes at least, Dr. Manhattan spends far too much of the film showing off his bright, blue penis than he does using his god-like powers.

Fans of the comic will love seeing their favorite charaters in live-action and probably rate this as 9/10 or even 10/10.

But for those that haven't read the book... they will enjoy it, but will spend most of the film waiting for Rorchach to beat the crap out of someone else. 7/10


But... I Hate Kids!

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Xavier Institute for Higher Learning
You've chosen the teaching profession. You will have a hand in guiding the mutants of tomorrow. You might be able to get your own classroom. Just watch out on those field trips.
Gotham City Police Department
You've joined the proud men and women of the G.C.P.D. Those are some dirty streets that need some serious cleaning. Working together, you can help fight evil and write parking tickets. You also get your own gun! Just steer clear of any purple dressed clowns.
Arkham Asylum
Hope you like wearing white coats and don't mind crazy screaming. Arkham Asylum is a place to try to reform the criminal element. You're doing a good deed. Just be prepared if the inmates break out on casual Friday.
The A-Team
Welcome to the A-Team. A soldier of fortune is the life for you. You'll get to travel to different places, shoot machine guns and help polish Mr. T's chains.
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Better Than I Could Have Hoped For...

Take the Date a Superhero Chick Quiz quiz at, the world's largest comic book encyclopedia.

You are in for a wild time. X-23 has the stamina to keep going and going. Rough and wild, don't get on her bad side or she might pop a couple claws into ya.
Vixen is a wild one. If you treat her right, you might be able to make her purr. If not, she might channel the powers of a rhinoceros and skewer your ass.
Me-ow! Catwoman will scratch your itch. She's good with a whip and has recently become a MILF!
Psylocke might show you her sensitive Betsy Bradock side. If she does you're a lucky guy. Otherwise watch out, you're in for the night of your life.