Pokemon lineups

1. Jolteon 2. Gengar 3. Starmie 4. Alakazam 5. Dragonite 6. Charizard

back up team

1. Arcanine 2. Hitmonlee 3. Blastoise 4. Electrabuzz 5. Lapras 6. Aerodactyl

alt-Venasuar, electrode, polliwrath, golduck, nidoking, machamp

Second generation-

Kingdra, lanturn, umbreon, slowking, heracross, pillowsine, Houndoom, Typlohsion, tyranitar

1. kingdra 2. umbreon 3. tyranitar 4. arcanine 5. blastoise 6. hitmonlee

will use 1. Jolteon 2. Gengar 3. Starmie 4. Alakazam 5. Dragonite 6. Charizard 7. Blastoise 8. archanaine 9. sandshrew 10. electrabuzz 11. lapras 12. rhydon 13. nidoking 14. macop 15. hitmonlee 16. venasuar 17. tangela 18. snorlax 19. erodayctl 20. sycther 21. dugtrio

possible back up team

1. Arcanine 2. Electrabuzz 3. Blastoise 4. Hypno 5. Hitmonlee 6. Lapras

try executtor, tauros

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Wolverine and the X-Men Episode Ratings

1. Hindsight P1-8

2. Hindsight P2-6

3. Hindsight P3-9.2

4. Overflow-7

5. Thieve's Gambit-4

6. X-Calibre-7

7. Wolverine vs Hulk-6

8. Time bomb-7

9. Future X-8

10. Greetings from Genoshia-9

11. Past Discretions-7.5

12. eXcessive Force-8

13. Battle Lines-8.5

14. Stolen Lives-8

15. Hunting Grounds-8

16. Badlands-8.7

17. Code of Conduct-8

18. Backlash-8

19. Guardian Angel-8.5

20. Breakdown-8.5

21. Rover-5

22. Aces and Eights-8.5

23. Shades of Grey-8.5

24. Foresight Part 1-

25. Foresight Part 2-

26. Foresight Part 3-

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Stand Out Voice Actors in DC and Marvel Media

a reference to voice actors that helped define comic characters in various media

-Corey Burton as Brainiac

-Brad Garrett as Lobo

-Kevin Conroy as Batman

-Michael Rosenbaum as Flash

-Will Friedle as Terry McGinnis

-Dana Delany as Lois Lane

-Jesse McCartney as Nightwing

-Josh Keaton as Spiderman

-Crispin Freeman-Roy Harper and Electro

-Kevin Grevioux-Black Beetle

-Oded Fehr as Dr. Fate

-Eric Lopez-Jaime Reyes

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Superman the Animated Series Episode Ratings

The Last Son of Krypton Part one-9

The Last Son of Krypton part two-6.5

The Last Son of Krypton part three-7

Fun and Games-6

A little piece of home-7

Feeding Time-7.5

The Way of All Flesh-7.5

Stolen Memories-9

The Main Man part one-9.5

The Main Man part two-8.5

My girl-7.5

Tools of the trade-7

Two's a Crowd-8

Blasts from the past part one-3

Blasts from the past part two-5

The Prometheon-3

Speed Demons-7.5


Identity Crisis-7



Action Figures-6.5

Double Dose-6

Solar Power-3

Brave New Metropolis-7

Monkey Fun-2

Ghost in the Machine-9

Father's Day-6.5

Worlds Finest-9.5

Bizarro's World-7

The Hand of Fate-3


The Late Mr. Kent-9

Heavy Metal-3

Warrior Queen-8.5

Apokolips...Now!-part one-8.5

Apokolips...Now!-part two-9

Little Girl Lost part one-5

Little Girl Lost part two-6

Where there's Smoke-8.5

Knight Time-

New Kids in Town-5


Little Big Head Man-7

Absolute Power-4

In Brightest Day-7

Superman's Pal-7.5

A Fish Story-4


The Demon Reborn-


Legacy part two-

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Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes Episode Ratings

Iron Man is Born-7

Thor the Mighty-8

Hulk vs the World-9

Captain America-8

The Man in the Ant Hill-7

Breakout part 1 and 2-8

Some Assembly Required-7.5

Living Legend-9

Everything is Wonderful-6.5

Panther Quest-7.8

Gamma World Part one-8

Gamma World Part two-9

Masters of Evil-8.8


Widow's Sting-9.5

The Man Who Stole Tomorrow-8.5

Come the conquerer-8

Kang Dynasty-8

Casket of Ancient Winters-3

Hail Hydra-9

Ultron 5-8.5

Ultron Imperative-8

The Hostage Earth-8

The Fall of Asgard-8

A Day Unlike Any Other-9

Season 2

The Private War of Dr. Doom-7

Alone Against AIM-5

Acts of Vengeance-4

Welcome to the Kree Empire-8

Michael Korvac-4

Who do you trust-7

The Ballad of Beta Ray Bill-5

Nightmare in Red-7.5

Prisoner of War-9


Secret Invasion-8.5

Along Came a Spider-6.5

Behold the Vision-7.5

Assault on 42-7.5


Emperor Stark-7

Code Red-8.5

Winter soldier-8

The Deadliest Man Alive-7.5

New Avengers-5

Operation Galactic Storm-9

Live Kree or Die-7

Avengers Assemble-8

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Arrow Episodes Ratings

1. City of Heroes-8


3. Broken Dolls-9


5.The League of Assassins-9

6. Keep your enemies closer-8

7.State vs Queen-8

8. The Scientist-9

9. Three Ghosts-9.7

10. Blast Radius-7.8

11. Blind Spot-8

12. Tremors-8

13. Heir to the Demon-8.5

14. Time of Death-8.7

15. The Promise-7

16. Suicide Squad-9.3

17. Birds of Prey-6.5

18. Deathstroke-8.8

19. The Man Under the Hood-7.5

20. Seeing Red-8

21. City of Blood-8

22. Streets of Fire-8.5

23. Unthinkable-8


Teen Titans Episode Ratings

1. Divide and conquer-7

2. Sisters-6

3. Final Exam-7

4. Force of Nature-5

5. Sum of Parts-4

6. Nevermore-8

7. Switched-9

8. Deep Six-6

9. Masks-8

10. Mad Mod-6

11. Car Trouble-5

12. Apprentice-P1-9

13. Apprentice-P2-8.5

14. How long is forever-6

15. every dog has his day-4


17. only human-6

18. Fear itself-6.5

19.Date with Destiny-7


21. Titan Rising-7

22. Winner Take All-7

23. Betrayal-8.5

24. Fractured-5.5

25. Aftershock-P1-8

26. Aftershock P2-7.5

27. Deception-7

28. X-8

29. Betrothed-5.5

30. Crash- 5

31. Haunted-9

32. Spellbound-

33. Revolution

34. Wavelength

35. The Beast Within

36. Can I keep him?

37. Bunny Raven...

38. Titans East Part 1-7

39. Titans East Part 2-7.5


41. Quest-4

42. Birthmark-8




46. Prophecy-8




50. The End Part 1-8

51. The End Part 2-9.5

52. The End Part 3-9

53. Homecoming Part 1-5

54. Homecoming Part 2-6


56. For Real-9

57. Snowblind-6

58. Kole-3

59. Hide and Seek-3

60. Lightspeed-9.5

61. Revved Up-8.5

62. Go-5

63. Calling all Titans-6

64. Titans Together-8.5

65. Things Change-3

Movie-Teen Titans-Trouble in Tokyo-5.5

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