Wolverine and the X-Men Episode Ratings

1. Hindsight P1-8

2. Hindsight P2-6

3. Hindsight P3-9.2

4. Overflow-7

5. Thieve's Gambit-4

6. X-Calibre-7

7. Wolverine vs Hulk-6

8. Time bomb-7

9. Future X-8

10. Greetings from Genoshia-9

11. Past Discretions-7.5

12. eXcessive Force-8

13. Battle Lines-8.5

14. Stolen Lives-8

15. Hunting Grounds-8

16. Badlands-8.7

17. Code of Conduct-8

18. Backlash-8

19. Guardian Angel-8.5

20. Breakdown-8.5

21. Rover-5

22. Aces and Eights-8.5

23. Shades of Grey-8.5

24. Foresight Part 1-

25. Foresight Part 2-

26. Foresight Part 3-

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Stand Out Voice Actors in DC and Marvel Media

a reference to voice actors that helped define comic characters in various media

-Corey Burton as Brainiac

-Brad Garrett as Lobo

-Kevin Conroy as Batman

-Michael Rosenbaum as Flash

-Will Friedle as Terry McGinnis

-Dana Delany as Lois Lane

-Jesse McCartney as Nightwing

-Josh Keaton as Spiderman

-Crispin Freeman-Roy Harper and Electro

-Kevin Grevioux-Black Beetle

-Oded Fehr as Dr. Fate

-Eric Lopez-Jaime Reyes

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Superman the Animated Series Episode Ratings

The Last Son of Krypton Part one-9

The Last Son of Krypton part two-6.5

The Last Son of Krypton part three-7

Fun and Games-6

A little piece of home-7

Feeding Time-7.5

The Way of All Flesh-7.5

Stolen Memories-9

The Main Man part one-9.5

The Main Man part two-8.5

My girl-7.5

Tools of the trade-7

Two's a Crowd-8

Blasts from the past part one-3

Blasts from the past part two-5

The Prometheon-3

Speed Demons-7.5


Identity Crisis-7



Action Figures-6.5

Double Dose-6

Solar Power-3

Brave New Metropolis-7

Monkey Fun-2

Ghost in the Machine-9

Father's Day-6.5

Worlds Finest-9.5

Bizarro's World-7

The Hand of Fate-3


The Late Mr. Kent-9

Heavy Metal-3

Warrior Queen-8.5

Apokolips...Now!-part one-8.5

Apokolips...Now!-part two-9

Little Girl Lost part one-5

Little Girl Lost part two-6

Where there's Smoke-8.5

Knight Time-

New Kids in Town-5


Little Big Head Man-7

Absolute Power-4

In Brightest Day-7

Superman's Pal-7.5

A Fish Story-4


The Demon Reborn-


Legacy part two-

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Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes Episode Ratings

Iron Man is Born-7

Thor the Mighty-8

Hulk vs the World-9

Captain America-8

The Man in the Ant Hill-7

Breakout part 1 and 2-8

Some Assembly Required-7.5

Living Legend-9

Everything is Wonderful-6.5

Panther Quest-7.8

Gamma World Part one-8

Gamma World Part two-9

Masters of Evil-8.8


Widow's Sting-9.5

The Man Who Stole Tomorrow-8.5

Come the conquerer-8

Kang Dynasty-8

Casket of Ancient Winters-3

Hail Hydra-9

Ultron 5-8.5

Ultron Imperative-8

The Hostage Earth-8

The Fall of Asgard-8

A Day Unlike Any Other-9

Season 2

The Private War of Dr. Doom-7

Alone Against AIM-5

Acts of Vengeance-4

Welcome to the Kree Empire-8

Michael Korvac-4

Who do you trust-7

The Ballad of Beta Ray Bill-5

Nightmare in Red-7.5

Prisoner of War-9


Secret Invasion-8.5

Along Came a Spider-6.5

Behold the Vision-7.5

Assault on 42-7.5


Emperor Stark-7

Code Red-8.5

Winter soldier-8

The Deadliest Man Alive-7.5

New Avengers-5

Operation Galactic Storm-9

Live Kree or Die-7

Avengers Assemble-8

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Arrow Episodes Ratings

1. City of Heroes-8


3. Broken Dolls-9


5.The League of Assassins-9

6. Keep your enemies closer-8

7.State vs Queen-8

8. The Scientist-9

9. Three Ghosts-9.7

10. Blast Radius-7.8

11. Blind Spot-8

12. Tremors-8

13. Heir to the Demon-8.5

14. Time of Death-8.7

15. The Promise-7

16. Suicide Squad-9.3

17. Birds of Prey-6.5

18. Deathstroke-8.8


Teen Titans Episode Ratings

1. Divide and conquer-7

2. Sisters-6

3. Final Exam-7

4. Force of Nature-5

5. Sum of Parts-4

6. Nevermore-8

7. Switched-9

8. Deep Six-6

9. Masks-8

10. Mad Mod-6

11. Car Trouble-5

12. Apprentice-P1-9

13. Apprentice-P2-8.5

14. How long is forever-6

15. every dog has his day-4


17. only human-6

18. Fear itself-6.5

19.Date with Destiny-7


21. Titan Rising-7

22. Winner Take All-7

23. Betrayal-8.5

24. Fractured-5.5

25. Aftershock-P1-8

26. Aftershock P2-7.5

27. Deception-7

28. X-8

29. Betrothed-5.5

30. Crash- 5

31. Haunted-9

32. Spellbound-

33. Revolution

34. Wavelength

35. The Beast Within

36. Can I keep him?

37. Bunny Raven...

38. Titans East Part 1-7

39. Titans East Part 2-7.5


41. Quest-4

42. Birthmark-8




46. Prophecy-8




50. The End Part 1-8

51. The End Part 2-9.5

52. The End Part 3-9

53. Homecoming Part 1-5

54. Homecoming Part 2-6


56. For Real-9

57. Snowblind-6

58. Kole-3

59. Hide and Seek-3

60. Lightspeed-9.5

61. Revved Up-8.5

62. Go-5

63. Calling all Titans-6

64. Titans Together-8.5

65. Things Change-3

Movie-Teen Titans-Trouble in Tokyo-5.5

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Rating of Young Justice episodes

1./2. Independence Day/Fireworks: 8

3. Welcome to Happy Harbor-7.5

4. Drop-Zone-9

5. Schooled-7.5

6. Infiltrator

7. Denial

8. Downtime-

9. Bereft

10. Targets

11. Terrors

12. Homefront

13. Alpha Male

14. Revelation-9.5

15. Humanity

16. Failsafe


18. Secrets

19. Misplaced

20. Coldhearted

21. Image

22. Agendas

23. Insecurity

24. Performance

25. Usual Suspects

26. Auld Acquaintance

Season 2

1. Happy New Year

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