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@kid Apollo said:

is anyone else starting to not like Havok? he's become a bit of a preachy douche. it's easy to call people out on the decisions they made under pressure, but considering he wasn't there and didn't have to make the tough decisions i think he should shut his mouth.

where was he during the House of M? where was he during the Messiah Complex? Messiah War? Necrosha? 2nd Coming?

shut up and go back to space jail

This! It is really strange, its almost as if I am not allowed to like both Summers brothers at the time. WAY back when Cyclops was in X-factor I couldn't stand him and really dug Havok in Uncanny. Now I think Cyclops is one of my favorite Marvel characters and I find Havok to be a self righteous prick hanging out with the other self righteous pricks "The Avengers". Maybe someday they will both be cool characters at the same time.

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Carl should be the new leader. He has all of the badass with surprisingly none of the crazy. That's right Michonne and Rick, the 11 year old can handle the apocalypse better than either of you... for shame!

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I don't believe that Wolverine was at all out of character. He spent the first three issues of AvX basically saying "I stab Hope" whenever he had a speaking role and the last half saying "I stab Phoenix X-men" so the idea that he would drool like a pitbull and attack Cyclops seems perfectly cannon for him.

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What a waste of Cornell's talents. I love him on team books and especially ones with more 2nd tier members like his run on Excalibur. If this is X-23 or Draken I might be in just for him, but another Wolverine title? No thanks.

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The "Batman can beat anyone" nonsense, in my humble opinion, is only outdone by the "Wolverine can do no wrong" bull. Look at AVX. Hope: Wolverine will you help me? Wolverine: Sure, let me sell you out. Captain America: Cyclops is using his powers to feed the homeless. Wolverine: Time to stab him to death. And Wolverine fan boys defend him. Both are just silly but I think the Wolvie fanboys are worse.

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The problem with Bendis is he has probably the WORST pacing of any writer on any comic I've ever read. This guy will do 5 issues of nothing but dialogue and then on the 6th issue its like he just remembered he has to wrap the story. So instead of grand battles you get five issues of Kevin Smith-esque witty dialogue and then a crappy fight to wrap it up. Rinse and Repeat.

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I hope they don't you Knights of the Old Republic or anything before the original movies. Part of the problem with the Prequels was that there was no "human" character to latch onto like Han Solo or Luke in New Hope. The Audience needs someone with human emotions for the movie to work and too many Jedi just means a bunch of stuffy dudes in hobo robes.

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Wait a second.... Isn't Storm single now? That mean's ol' douche bag Logan is no longer interested. With Namor in trouble for the whole Phoenix debacle maybe we'll see Wolverine making a move on Invisible Woman. Keep it Real, Wolverine; Real Douchy.

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Strangely, my favorite part of Punisher: War Zone #1 was Wolverine... That's right... I give that little SOB a lot of crap because I think more often than not he is poorly written as a holier than thou guy who murders people by the bus load. It was nice seeing him written in a more realistic way, as someone who can identify with Castle's methods. Rucka... please don't leave us!

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Finally! About time they brought this book back for a regular series.