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@Bobby X said:

"@Ownerz: How would Thor be able to do that? Its not like just any old lightning bolt could convert him back, if that was the case, any electrical being would own CM. It has to be summoned through magics separate, unknown, and unavailable to Thor. Doesn't even make sense "

I completely agree with you. Capt Marvel's powers come from the wizard Shazam and The Rock of Eternity. Marvel is not a lighting elemetal, his powers do not stem from "electricity".    
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I really dislike the idea that anyone with controle over lightining/electricity (like Thor) can change Capt. Marvel back to Billly Batson.  
Capt. Marvel's powers come from the wizard Shazam and the  Rock of Eternity. They manifest in theform of a lightning bolt. 
If Billy Batson sticks his finger into a light socket or holds a metal rod outside in a thunder storm he will not turn into Capt. Marvel, he will get electrocuted and die. However if he says the secret name of his wizard-patron he will be

magically transformed

into Capt. Marvel.   I know that it has been depicted that way before but I completely disagree with it.
As for Marvel beating Thor? Who can say. Marvel is the product of several gods and designed to fight magical and divine opponents. However Thor is a badass as well.
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My favorite SuperPowers character must be The Black Terror! One of the greatest costumes ever! (After The Batman of course) I like how the source of his powers are "The formic ethers" that he "inhales". I wonder if he has a special pipe for that? Perhaps he will be depicted as sort of an addict like the original Hourman. Did you ever see any of the AC characters as they were interpreted in the two Terra Obscura mini-series? Black Terror and his side kick Timmy are in it, as well as Fighting Yank's daughter and others.

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I think its just grant morrisons's version of what happend to Joe Chill. There's the version where Joe Chill has a heart attack after finding out Bruce Wayne is Batman and the version where a bunch of gangsters kill Joe for creating The Batman (but forgetting to ask what Batman's secret identity is,natch.) I like morrison's version best.

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Batman 673 was a great issue. I loved the depiction of the earliest version of Batman. "Horned" cowl and plain black gloves. I've always disliked the blue color scheme in the Bat-costume, Jet black and gray is more appropriate. I'd love to see him go back to his earliest "look" for a while. And the spooky "shadow" laugh was a kick too.

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The vine wont register the cursor any time I try to pick Adam as a winner in any catagory I think he might excell against individual characters! Oh the Agony!