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It started for me to were i was guided to and unknown divine being to a church that hasn't been found in 2000 yr's there i was greeted my accent preist's that are awoken every thousand yr's to choose a rider for god... they said this place were only the most sacret are chosen to become gods rider the source of his power come's from the holy spirit it self and you have been chosen to ride the earth as his chosen rider...... the rider must seek out all damned soul's and send them back to hell and also protect the innocent soul's so in a split second i was infused with that power an was transformed into me and i was in white leather and golden cross's from the sould's down and my face was in ingolfed with white fire....they said to me in order to enter for you an your family to enter the holy kingdom you must serve god as his rider .....

Well im average built short dark brown hair White skin Dark blue eye's go-tee Blue tank top blue jean's boots

I am what many say hard to discribe som say i resemble the rider some call me angel some call me good natured my origin to most are no clear but one thing is for sure i fight for justice and truth.............

I am not the first rider that heaven had When i change i kneele an in a prayer possiton and my cloth's start to change into a mystical white and all the metallic would turn into gold an in a form of a cross that are lord an savior jesus christ was crucified to save us from a sin's.............

t started about three year's ago were i was approached by a heavenly being i was amazed at the sher beauty of this being so i got on one knee and bowed and the being started to speak to me the being said you have been chosen to be god's rider and said of all the people in the world why did he choose me..... the heavenly being said you have found favor with the heavenly father to help show the world that god is real and here and to show them the way to the truth.......

I said what's his rider's purpose.... and he answered to clean the world of all of hell's demon's and all demonic being's..... he answered yes but now first you have to do this first and that's rid the earth of all demon's and evil !!!!!

Then i said when this is over what happen's to me and my whole family and the being answered you and them will be allowed into heaven

So now i ride the earth with the power of heaven and helping the innocent and punishing the evil doer's of the world