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The Dark Archer

Name: Michael Clinton Caldwell

Aliases: Mike, The Anti Meta, The Dark Archer

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Light Brown/Blonde

Sex: Male

Species: Human

Nationality: American (Presumed) (Scottish/German Ancestry)

Identity: Secret

Age: 28

Status: Single(?)

Affiliation: Unknown, Formerly Meta-Human Affairs

Occupation: Terrorist/Assassin, Formerly Meta-Human Affairs Operative

Family: Unknown

Appearances: Varies

Traits and Abilities:

Peak Physical Strength and Dexterity -

A combination of Natural Physical Mutation, Government Experimentation and bonding with the Essence of Conflict to become Strife, one of the Riders of the Apocalypse, Michael is capable of lifting enormous amounts of weight and hitting with much more force than the average human and even some superhumans. Exact physical limits have yet to be determined. The bond between Strife has greatly increased the host bodies durability,

Peak Speed, Agility and Acrobatic Ability -

Decades of experience and training have fine honed Michael's physical skills to a surprisingly high level. Capable of running a mile in five minutes with full gear, scaling a fence or wall with ease in a matter of seconds, seemingly dodging bullets and arrows at times and employing just about any weapon while on the move with lethal speed and accuracy from nearly any angle. Just because he's flying through the air or falling from an airplane or flat on his back doesn't mean he can't still employ his weapon against you.

Expert Hand to Hand Combatant -

Experience is always preferable to training, while not a master of any particular martial art he's skilled in many, including Trained in Krav Maga, Jiu Jitso, MCMAP (Marine Corp Martial Arts Program), Judo, Systema, Parkour, Ninjutsu, Sambo, RBSD (Reality Based Self Defense), Brazilian Jiu Jitso and possibly others, these styles are the only ones that have been confirmed so far.

Hand to Hand... or Foot to Face

Expert Marksman, Archer and Weapon Master -

The United States Navy SEALs are some of the best marksmen in the world, capable of using nearly any weapon they lay their hands on, familiarizing themselves with any weapon they might encounter while working towards any of a number of missions. The undying assassin is no exception, as long as there's ammo handy he can use it against you. Although he has been known to simply throw the weapon as a last ditch means of defense once the magazine is empty.

Telepathic Immunity -

After volunteering for a secret project convened by Meta-Human Affairs, Caldwell was implanted with a microchip that makes his mind all but impenetrable to telepathy

Expert Swordsman -

In a world full of Ninjas, Samurai and all sorts of blade wielding foes it pays to be handy with a blade, Having trained and fought with numerous master swordsman throughout the years he fulling capable of holding his own against swordsmen of almost any caliber, preferring to fight with a sword in one hand and a gun in the other, in his mind giving him an edge over the opponent and being able to engage multiple targets at once. His sword style is hard to duplicate simply because he doesn't have one, adapting to oncoming attacks with surprising fluidity.


- A single sword of varying makes.

- A variety of firearms, depending on the situation

- Various Gadgets

- Throwing Knives Laced in Mutation Dampening Poison

- White Prosperous Grenades

- Flash Bangs

- Customized Compound Bow

The Suit:

The suit worn by Caldwell is of unknown origin, believed to be a modified prototype stolen from UNMA during his departure. It holds a wide range of features and built in weaponry, improves the wearers strength and agility and was clearly designed with the purpose of doing toe to toe with Meta-Humans.

  • Reinforced Joints - Allow the Wearer to Combat Individuals with Super Human Strength.
  • Vibranium Weave Under Layer - To absorb powerful blows and deflect knife strikes.
  • Elemental Dampening Under Layer - Makes the suit resistant to shock and heat resistant in all but the most extreme conditions.
  • Kevlar Weave Layer - Bolstering Protection of the wearer against Small Arms Fire.
  • Adamantium Wrist Blades - A single razor sharp Adamantium blade located along the outside of the forearm.
  • Poison Dart Launcher - An eight shot toxic dart launcher, Each dart is loaded with a specially engineered mutagen dampening toxin.
  • Telepathy Resistant Mask - Speaks for Itself.

Arrow Variations

  • Standard -
  • Poison Tipped
  • Seeker
  • High Explosive
  • Acidic
  • Flash Bang
  • Flechette
  • Stun

(More to come.)