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@War Killer: Well I'm Catholic so yeah. Then again I've always been opened minded about many things and have always believed there is time and a place for everything and as for my views on porn I never said I was against it I just said that it shouldn't be on this site cause it is not the place for it and there are many lines in classic action and drama films that wouldn't be as memorable without the cursing or as funny if you want to count Young Frankenstein.
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@Decept-O:  I never use curses against other Viners I use them only when describing the comics I reviewed and today out of the 77 reviews I've have written all but 20 or so of them were deleted yet they have been on the site for months and no one seemed to care in fact many people enjoyed them and you have a point about context but the context that I used them in are to really get across my Hate or in some cases love for a comic
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@War Killer:  I'm kinda for porn if it's done on an appropriate site or tv channel but NOT on a site like this I'm a very liberal person but Porn on a site like this is where I draw a line but one thing I'm just curious on your opinion for would you rather have just vulgar language be allowed on this site or the porn which is far worse in terms of whats inappropriate cause at least with profanity it can be justified to get a point across but with Porn honestly how can you justify it? Its next to impossible to do and most argument for it on this site can fall to piece easily
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@Decoy Elite: Ah but there in lies the problem they don't say it doesn't apply to the wiki as well as the fact that reviews for such things would also appear on the wiki so that would make it okay in that sense. Not to mention a friend of mine on the site did some wiki work on one of the following comics that I mentioned and used a censored image for one of the covers and the mods/staff members wanted the original cover used instead despite what was depicted being unbelievably inappropriate and wrong outside of a porn site.
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@_Courage_:  But it's still on the site that's the point. It's not like they don't know about these comics they themselves approved them even after making the rules against such things which is very hypocritical of them to do so. So they need to have either more better defined rules for these things or just say anything goes as far as material aloud on the site cause they can't censor people for the very material they (Mods/Staff) themselves aloud to be posted on the site it's simply unfair and wrong.
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Now they say this site is supposed to be family friendly site and well I've been looking over some of the comics here and they are by no means family friendly honestly they're PORN very artistic PORN yes but are still PORN and also many comics that I've found have swearing in title like for Sin City's "That Yellow Bastard" so the question is where does the line get drawn on this site for censorship on the site? Is it okay to swear in the context of what the story is? As well as show Nudity and sexual acts on reviews provided they are directly from the material the person reviewing? Now at the bottom of this there is a list of comics I urge you to take a look at these on this site they prove the hypocrisy on how this site chooses to censor material. Lastly what do you as a user think on all of this should these be censored as well as language is in reviews or should this site become more like youtube in terms of censorship levels or some other new thing we've yet to think of? I myself am a firm believer in freedom of speech provided it doesn't cause harm to anyone physically like it would if you screamed "Fire" in a crowded theater or if it is racist, prestigious or if it's hate speech against someone's sexuality so users what do you believe in?
For Nudity/Porn Comics on Comicvine
*Astounding Weird Penises 
*Cybersix (Eura Editoriale Comic book) 1993
*Euros Comix
*Bizarre Sex
*Verotik Comics
*Lost Girls by Alan Moore
Also here's a copy of the Comicvine FAQ on what's allowed on the site.....
"Look this is a nice community we’ve got here.  I don’t think we need a huge rule set other then saying “Be Nice”.  It’s the Road House rules, be nice.

  • Dont youtube spam the boards.
  • You can link to other sites IF your topic is not spam.
  • No profanity on Comicvine.
  • No sexually explicit talk or images."
Now going by a strict interpretation of these rules none of the comics I mentioned should be aloud on the site but the rules are broken on this site even by the site itself. Is it hypocrisy at it's finest ladies and gentlemen saying one thing but doing the exact opposite?
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@aztek the lost:  Right now I have every right to be angry how would you like it if you worked hard on something you created put a lot of time and effort into what you did then have it gone just like that? I know you don't really care for me and that's fine  I got nothing against you and if this is still about that really old post from a few months back I'll say it again I am sorry I can't say it enough I am sorry
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@Icarusflies: Also the way I try to write my reviews is for shock value as well as entertainment and comedic value if I do a long drawn out analysis they aren't as interesting to the average reader I've realized and the other sites I do reviews on like Rotten Tomatoes never seemed to mind the way I did thing and no one seemed to care in fact a lot of people loved the way I did them and thought they we're pretty funny and kept coming back to read more
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@Icarusflies:  Well you could Tell me first and then if you or someone else wanted them taken down or edited I would have gladly done it my self if you tell me to do something I will do it it's just a matter of filling me in I'm not an unreasonable person in fact I'm very reasonable about how I do things my alias may infer otherwise but I am.
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@Icarusflies:  I just got one after I finished this post if the poeple on this site want them deleted fine but I want a copy of each sent to me before it's done so I can save them on my own hard drive cause it's time and effort put into writing them that is wasted and that I can't stand is when I put effort into something and it is wasted