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Puny Human 0

Okay this movie a lot drama and not enough action because of ang lee(The king of drama and not action.XD)This movie i have very mix feelings about it has good moments and some un-speakable moments but what did the movie have right was the hulk he looked good,Strong,Powerful,Fast,And and tall(but some people complain that he looked like sherk i don't blame them there are some points he does and doesn't)Bruce banner who was portrayed by none other then eric banna who did a good job on the role sam...

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Wow 0

Okay this movie brings back the classic feelings of power rangers by using the spandex's,Old fashion zords,And showing kids that they can be power rangers too which is a kids dream.Okay anyways this movie is a alot better than the first because this time theres no more cgi zords(Don't get me wrong i like the ones from the first but they look kinda weird)Also they brought back kimberly and jason to the film but this time as big guys(which they kinda look like vampires from twilight.XD)And the sto...

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