Does anyone think...

That using the beetleborgs in forever red is kinda cheap for saban and disney to use them as a villains? 
Come ppl they could have done a crossover between the beetleborgs show with the red rangers in the episode instead of using them as villains. 


Hey Guys...

Question   Okay i was looking over the animated series and final wars questioned my self is this zilla(from final wars)the animated series zilla we all know?Or is it another zilla?But before you answer i recall only one zilla surviving during the Manhattan square garden explosion in the 1998 godzilla movie so how can there be a second one if we saw only lived? Or could be it that egg the fell in the iceberg with Komodithrax?


Go Green Ranger

Hi guys whats up? 
Okay i was just wondering if they did a power ranger movie/reboot and if they had to cast someone to play as the green ranger what do you guys think of  Justin Chatwin as Tommy? Now this is just a lil thought don't be mouthing off please.=p


In every comic of marvel

Have any hero or villain ever mention a hero or villain from the dc universe or has any dc character made a cameo of some sort? 
Please answer. 


Is it just me?

Or does otis look more like hulk than the other banners? 
Please  answer ppl i'm kinda confused.... 


Sorry ppl

No one is more powerful than lord zedd!!! 
Lord zedd is the freaking master of evil and the most awesome villain in kid show history including animation!!  
P.S.Sorry for the potty mouth

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