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@gambit474 said:

I used Reign of Chaos Arthas though..he wasn't as powerful as he was in the frozen throne after Ner'Zhul supercharged him

IIRC Arthas was actually getting weaker by the second in Frozen Throne because Ner'zhul was dying, wasn't he?

You might be right though; I just re-watched their duel and it ends pretty quickly, seemingly just 'cause Arthas was a lot more powerful than Illi

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It sucks so hard that WoW made Arthas killable by random fucking men-at-arms in raids, so dumb

Are they allowed magic?

1. Definitely going with Pally Arthas. It's hammer vs. hammer, only Arthas' is a lot longer. If they're allowed magic, Arthas' Divine Shield and healing powers will help him a lot more than Thrall's Far Seer abilities.

2. Arthas again. He stomped Illidan 1v1 purely on fighting skill. People often overlook what a significant feat that is. Illidan is one of the greatest Night Elf fighters and was one of the most significant figures in Night Elf society for thousands of years. He was imprisoned for thousands of years, yes, but he still had his weapons with him and was apparently in great shape when he got out so presumably he was training I guess, lol.

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@dcdoll666 said:


dude after i go on about how dbz fans have been keeping composure ya had to post this.

>implying I lack composure

now they aint never going to go away.

sure they will, if I keep shitting on them

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"solos the DBZ universe" even though nobody knows the limits of the DBZverse

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@sheenlantern said:

How am I biased?

I've also reported you for verbally abusing me and @ancient_0f_days

It's only abuse if it isn't true.

You are biased because you attack everybody whose opinion differs from you and harass individuals constantly

You are retarded because your arguments are uneducated and illogical

Therefore, not abuse

But report away, I don't give a shit lol. Your 3-year-old tactics don't intimidate me.

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The reason DBZ threads are banned is because of biased retards like Sheen and ancient of days. Fact.

If specific members like they were explicitly banned from DBZ threads, flame wars would never be ignited, because people just ignore the trolls with 1-10 posts, but members like them start shitfests in every single thread they enter.

Please, just stop. Nobody cares what you think.

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@smxlr8 said:


a what? and no lets just let it go already death battle was enough

let me guess

you think goku can only lift 10-40 tons at base, too?

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Tesla reveals his legendary secretive death-ray and vaporizes Einstein

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@thedarklordpandamonium said:

Khal Drogo has no feats.

This, unfortunately. Really wish we got to see him fight more. In Drogo's one fight, he seemed to be a little slower than Aragorn (Aragorn is inhumanly fast after all) but exceptionally skilled, and I'm sure he's stronger than Aragorn.

It definitely would not be a short fight, but I'd bet on Drogo for a majority. It'd be similar to Aragorn's fight with Lurtz, only Drogo is obviously a lot more skilled than the Uruk-hai.

Aragorn has 68 years of fighting experience? Pretty sure he spent most of his life as a ranger, and only briefly served in the Gondorian military. Drogo, on the other hand, has never lost a fight in his entire life, and as a Khal he's spent his entire life fighting.