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Guardian dying in Alpha Flight Vol. 1 #12 & no current Alpha Flight series ('14)? really..

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  • Valiant
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  • DC
  • Marvel
  • Zenescope
  • Aspen

Marvel would be be closer to the top if not for all the rebooting same for DC. And what's with all the rebooting?

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Aquaman #22-23 another good starting point or start from (#1-23) the beginning and read from there.Hopefully your comic store can assist in back ordering issues or try

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Wasn't Turok and or Solar absorbed back into Gold Key? And if so Valiant could reintroduce these titles again.

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And this is why I'm so happy Valiant is back.

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Depending on age I'd have to say if you are new to comics then the best way to find something of interest is to view a hobby shop or online and view comic content. Find out what your mainly interested in reading or collecting. For the best results figure out what comics are worth their bang for the buck. Top publishers like Marvel and DC have a lot of great books but theres a lot of smaller publishers that have awesome offerings (Boom, Aspen, BDI). Valiant was huge back in the '90's with titles like X-O Manowar, Bloodshot, Harbingers, Eternal Warrior ect.. And Valiant has returned so I would suggest checking their stuff out along with titles from Marvel, DC, Dynamite ect.. Remember reading comics are for fun..GL

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Buy comics you want later when the prices are lower. Or buy online at and save money per issue $2.54 / $3.39 vs $2.99 / $3.99 per issue. It's $3/4 bucks today but back in the '90's it was a little cheaper $1.95 / $2.25 and back in the '80's $0.60-$1.00 a lot has changed though and hopefully prices won't change for awhile.

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Now if only they could supply the scent of a fresh inked comic digitally which is not going to happen and that's why I prefer single paper issues over digital issues plus I reopened an issue I bought 20 years ago and it still smells goooood. :) lol

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Top 5

Valiant: X-O Manowar, Bloodshot, Harbinger

DC: JLD & Batgirl

I usually try and collect books that are high quality and worth the bucks to shell out. And with Valiant reappearing with top quality comics again it's going to kill a lot of what I currently collect.