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Batman had better quotes, Dark Knight had better scenes. I'll never look at a pencil in the same way again.

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They wouldn't need to ignore the last film, they could easily say the healing factor & genetic tampering messed Deadpool up. The cyclops blasts burnt out and the swords in the arms were rejected by the healing factor etc. Then he just needs to cut his mouth open, Hey presto

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@xxCellPhoneGirlxx said:
" They better bring Emma back.... "
Kill of Jean and bring Emma back, Jean's boring she's got to much continuity that it constrains the storylines.  
Emma was the best thing about W&TXM
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@Nobody said:
" @pixelized said:
" What's Siege again? Dark Reign the remix?  Maybe it's just Bachalo's terrible art, but Noh-Varr's costume is a major downgrade "
I'm hoping its the art. I'm waiting to see it done by another artist, but so far I agree its kinda a downgrade. "
Absolutely, hated the new outfit the previous one was way cooler. Let's hope a new artist fixes it
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I thought evolution was underrated in the final season, I would've preferred them to jump several years ahead. Best thing about it though is x-23 
The 90's series was okay but way too much jubilee, she did my head in after a while 
The newest version is pretty good so far, i'm not sold on wolverine being the main character but understand the marketing reasons. Best thing about it has been Emma Frost, shame they had to ruin it by bringing Jean back. Emma & the cuckoo's would have have been pretty cool 
They all have to go a long away though to come close to the 90's Batman series

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Loved this issue, great emphasis on why Tim Drake should be taken seriously. The whole bit making it clear he's had training from the best of the best but how he's aware of their flaws so avoids them, just superb. On paper Tim's got the potential to be even greater than Bruce. And plus got thumbs up from Ra's! Definitely a good sign. 
I think given how batman's currently out of the picture the 'Batman & Robin' and 'Red Robin' books represent two sides of Bruce Wayne. Tim's showing the loner, early batman part of Bruce while Nightwing shows his later part of Bruce when he was in a position to pass on knowledge.  
Which makes sense really, Tim's at a younger age and not emotionally ready to be passing on knowledge and dealing with Damien's antics. He also needs to find his own way and be his own man. Whereas Dick is a bit older, he's learned so much and he's at that stage in life Bruce was at when he took Dick on.  
While some might say Dick's not the right choice to be Batman, you must agree that Tim's not the right choice to train Damien?!? That could get bloody haha
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A reboot to high school screams out that sony intend to make this more for 'the kids', they're more interested in selling toys & merch than making a good film. Take a look at most comic movies and the ones 'kiddied-down' tend to be awful and the ones which treat the subject matter seriously and in a grown up manner are more successful. Examples being Spiderman 2, Blade, Dark Knight, Iron Man
Just give it to Marvel Studios already!!!!!

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It's xmas lights

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I'm glad they changed the artist, I hated the art for the code red storyline. It reminded me of a cartoon . 
Now I know some people may disagree wills me on that but I feel if you've got all these characters renowned for 'mature' comics, punisher x-force electra etc. then why does the comic look like an episode of animaniacs?

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I hope they haven't give too much away in that trailer because that was SHIT HOT!!!! 
I don't know what I marked out more on, the race car getting whipped up or war machine & iron man taking names & kicking arse....errr yeah deffo war machine!!