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I don't think any of the new mutants are even close to being a viable leader of the x-men. None of them show the tactical aptitudes of scott, I cant see any of them being one step ahead of anyone. On that criteria though I cant see anyone being able to lead the x-men (aside from Storm but been there done that!) 

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Finally got to read this today and loved it up until spoiler, Tim should just let Ra's destroy her

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Did I hear you say you are going to review 'pixie strikes back'? I hope so, maybe you can explain what the hell was going on cos I've read it twice and am still confused.

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@jagged glass said:
Oh, God, no. No, no, no, no, no, no, NO! Winnick's comics are just awful; who on Earth would ever let him go write a movie? Brining back Jason Todd was one of the sleaziest moves in Bat history, he would have been better off dead and left alone. The A Death in the Family storyarc handled everything beautifully and added much to Batman's character. Jason was Batman's greatest failure, and what happened served to humble the Dark Knight and to rethink his ideas about orphan sidekicks. "
For all the bad people say about bringing back Jason Todd, it does show what can happen if it goes wrong with a sidekick. All the training Batman gave Todd turned him into a living weapon
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I don't think anyone's going to be able to voice the joker without being unfavourably compared to Mark Hammil's Joker. He's the best and we all know it, everything else pales into comparision

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I've got a question, when Tim's wondering is Tam's worked out the Red robin/robin/batman angle....why did he tell her he was called red robin? It's not exactly a well known character (that's the point of him choosing that costume) and during the previous storyline no one ever called him by that moniker. Ra's & the league all called him Drake or 'detective' and it's not like he had it stiched on his chest.  

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You will never get comic costumes right , whether it's on the small screen or the big screen. The spiderman costume is the exception that proves the rule!

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What happened to Superman wont hit a girl???

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Batman Begins had Ra's Al Ghul, with a strong focus on Batman's fighting skills (yes scarecrow was there but that simply played into the fear theme), TDK had Joker which played on escalation and showing Batman's opposite. I would like Batman 3 to focus on his detective skills and intelligence, we've only had a touch of that in TDK with his drilling out part of the wall I'd like to see a strong focus on Bruce's intelligence i.e. the Riddler!! But I'd want him played more seriously, as far away from Jim Carrey as possible AND please do not even let Eddie Murphy sniff the script

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Captain Awesome would be a bad choice, he's good in goofy Chuck but not in a serious film. They've got to get the Cap film right otherwise the whole avengers stratgey could fail. 
I say stick with the tried formula that's worked for marvel so far. Credible actors who aren't so famous they'll take up the whole budget. Eg. Robert Downey & Ed Norton(people may say hulk wasnt a success but I'd put that down to conflicts rather than actor choice - plus I enjoyed it!)