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Yellow, dominant facet of his personality is to inspire fear much more than his willpower. 
He's a sinestro corps member if  there ever was one! 

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@Nighthunter said:
 he was a founding avenger,   
Does that really matter anymore? There's been that many avenger's teams (and another due to launch) that most characters have been founding members. Yes I know you're going to say it was the first team but I'm still not impressed
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@StrongestOneThereIs said:
" Him and Banner are full of themselves these days "
Hear hear! 
Although to be fair I think Banner deserves a bit of time to enjoy his hulk-less freedom. It's been good seeing Banner show off his brains lately, really putting some focus on how samrt he really is. 
I know a lot of people are going to be defensive of Pym given it's in a Pym forum but I'm still not sold on him. Really though I'm not sold on the whole 'scientist supreme' tag either
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Just read latest hulk and I'm pissed off, who the hell if Pym? Bouncing round shouting out "i'm scientist supreme!!" like that means something in marvel continuity?!? Next week he could end up being ant-supreme for all I care. Seriously what has he done (in comparison to the the intelligensia's top 8) to qualify him as top dog?  
If it wasn't for some gamma radiation banner would wipe his arse with him, if it wasn't for constant doom/galactus attacks reed would blow his nose with him.  
In my opinion Pym doesn't deserve to be scientist supreme and is getting was too cocky. 

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I bought this and read it twice before making any sense of it, for a first issue trying to draw you in it was awful. Didn't hate the art, didn't particularly love it either. I thought nighcrawler was portrayed as a little worm and deserve to be written better, psylocke seemed to be just threw in to pull in the psylocke fans.  
I'm a bit of a pixie fan(and bought this book on that alone) but I don't see the need to complicate Pixie's backstory, this to me looks like a retcon in waiting.  
As for the toilet scene, who in the hell would have thought anybody would want to see that? 
All in all very bizarre, just like Marvel's decision to reveal the hook for the series as part of the solicitations

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Bleh to deadpool, give it a rest! 
Like that you used best scene of TDK, that still cracks me up

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Seen it in full now, i'd definitely recommend it. Good take on crisis, no messing round it gets right into the story. I thought Owlman's motivations were a bit off but then with his last phrase it hit me. Him being the opposite of Bruce mean's he doesn't care about anything so I suppose that gives him motivation enough,,,,in some strange logical nonsense?!?!? haha

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They don't need Wolverine to sell this book and it makes no sense at all to have him on the team. He's part of a black ops mutant hit squad, it's bad enough he's part of the x-men's public team but to be part of the avengers is daft. It doesn't fit in Wolverine's character, he'd never put the avengers public image at risk. 
Just makes no sense at all

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I'm totally underawed by this, just announce it and move on. No one cares about a change of roster, avengers have changed roster so many times in past 5 years this is hardly news. I think they'd create more of buzz by just showing the characters

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True but it's always been implied he can do so much more eg AOA version could teleport if i remember rightly. All he's doing at me moment is being a living ice cube maker, seems such a waste of a great character