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I am disappointed in all the viners who voted for Harper Row.

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Nightwing & Spider-Man. X-23, Cassie Cain & Damian Wayne for comedy.

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I've just read House Of M in full for the first time ($0.99 sale on comixology) and it's give me a richer appreciation for Bendis.

Let's just look at this for a second and think about the feat Bendis pulled off. 7 and a half years ago Bendis creates a massive crossover across Marvel Universe, repercussions felt in issues long after, the only thing comparable would have been secret wars. For secret wars the writers had to come up with a macguffin in the form of the beyonder, I'm not besmirching secret wars with that, I'm just trying to make the point that Bendis carefully constructed Wanda as a plot device where here powers naturally evolved to massive scale rather than invent a 'supreme being'. In fact she's the perfect plot point, she ties both the avengers and the x-men worlds together cohesively and the mental strain of her life it's pretty much logical in comicbook world that this could happen.

Now take a look at the story. Let's throw everything on the table, what can we do that is massive I mean seriously throw everything on the table, give everyone something that will effect them for years to come.

What's the worst thing we can do to Spider-Man? Take everything bad that ever happened to him, I mean EVERYTHING and make him forget it...then give it ALL back. I mean if that was an Osborn plan it'd be probably the worst thing he'd ever to to Peter.

Logan, what do we do with him? He's been knocking about for years, we've ran pretty much every story possible about his missing memories. Let's give them back. Seems easy right? Well not really because we're going to throw a whole other set of memories on top.

Strange, yeah let's make him fail completely. Let's do something so huge that it's going to have repercussions on him for years to come

X-Men, we should do something new with them....hmmm

I could go on but the main point I'm making is, this:

House Of M is how a crossover should be done, it should be huge, it should have massive repercussions on every single person involved. Not small two-issue "oh woe is me" I mean like serious storyline makers that will last months/years to come.

House of M, might not be perfect but it is a massive feat and probably the most impressive crossover when you consider the scope, lasting effects, cohesiveness of the story. This in turn leads to the criticism of not so much Bendis but Marvel in general. Name another storyline since that hits the same notes.

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I agree, I do also think that every writer has their own strength weaknessess.

I like Aaron's writing but only for short spurts of a story, there's no long term payoff or character build

Fraction had a mediocre run on x-men but has done well on Hawkeye and Iron Man. He's good with certain characters, especially solo books.

Kieron Gillen is highly rated but I've not read enough of his work, only the x-men middling stuff he did with fraction. Unfair of me to judge

Bendis is excellent at characters but relies on gimmicks such as deaths and big reveals(bringing xmen back from the past).

I could go on but I do think people look at the writer and make snap judgments. I think Bendis has potential to do good on this book, we'll have to see

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It's two issues in, ridiculous to make any snap judgements now

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I think Fox are doing a better job than they were previously, but it's still a case that I'd rather see these films in Marvel's hands. At the moment they're making good films, while Marvel are making better films with grander scale

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I don't even understand the point of this thread, none of the whole post made sense.

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So much for free speech

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X-force has been one of te best books on the shelf for years now, bends is on xmen. Short answer yes they care.

#10 Posted by thatlad (590 posts) - - Show Bio Just read an interesting interview with Neal Adams. I never realised he was involved in a lot of this, would be great if Tony could get him on the podcast