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Wow this art is beautiful, Red Hood is one of the few books I've stuck with in new 52 and I'm glad I did. This looks fantastic, really looking forward to Tynion too.

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So dumping another minority character. Wow DC you just can't follow through can you?

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I may drop batman for this arc, nearly a whole year covering a story that has been retold so often with fixed plot points is not something I'm enthusiastic about. I'm sure Snyder and Capullo will craft a fantastic story, maybe ill pick it up in trade but right now it's not for me. Lets hope it serves it purpose and brings in new readers and doesn't confuse them. PS I concur, no Harper Row is a bonus

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It's Bautista but wwe changed it to Batista a few weeks after because it sounded more menacing or for trademarks, god knows. I'm not overly optimistic about him being Drax but I think Marvel have earned the benefit of the doubt, they've got a pretty good record on casting

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@ccraft: dropped at issue 6. Great art but I didn't think the story was strong, characterisation was lacking. Darkseid is a big gun but didn't talk, he could have been any faceless enemy. Hal and Bruce were not even similar to those characters in their own books, for me I didn't think it was good. Certainly not compared to some of the other books out there, if you remove the hype and names on the cover I felt it was a gorgeous book with average writing

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@G-Man: no worries, wouldn't expect you to either family first. Sorry if it came across critical

I've said it already but what a great promotion, just read 5 marvel now comics on the way to work and I'll probably pick up two of them.

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There's a simple solution. Drop the book, vote with your money. I did a dropped this book about 7-8 issues in. It was very overrated and I haven't regretted it

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I don't think comicvine are giving this promotion the attention it deserves this is massive it includes one shots, preludes, epilogues...I just got all issues of The List, collected that would cost over £10. We all know the comic industry needs to bring in broader customers, well get the word out. iPhones and iPads are near ubiquitous, tell people to get the comics app and get some freebies. Hopefully people will get hooked. Yes the comics app has had freebies before but not this many and this high quality. Well done marvel this is much better that any reboot gimmick

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Mahmud asrar is not someone I was aware of but I'll be keeping an eye out for him now. Pretty awesome. Love any Cassandra Cain art. Phil Noto proving once again he draws beautifully but struggles with women's faces

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I think people are being unfairly critical. I thought Johns killed it on this episode, deadshot, china white, dark archer all on screen in one episode getting just enough screen time. Dinah was minimised (always good) & Thea not even involved (excellent). Action was good, characterisation was excellent. From Lawton's drinking to Oliver's reveal. I like they've kept deadshot in but reduced the size of the eyepiece. China White has potential.

I really like John Barrowman as Merlyn, I was really hoping it would be Tommy shot and it made things worse between Merlyn/Oliver. I hope they don't go down the opposite route, Barrowman is a better character & actor.

Bringing Alex Kingston is always good. I like that they're fleshing out Slade Wilson progressively, I was worried it would be annoying but it's actually more interesting than the previous Deathstroke, faceless/voiceless character. Deathstroke is a smart tactial warrior so makes sense to flesh him out before having him as a main enemy.

Anyway I thought this was Arrow getting back on form, the Dawson's creek crap stripped back and the action/character building working well. Let's hope the next episode is just as good....The Huntress Returns....ah shite