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Vin Diesel as Black Bolt, from just the voice of a character to a character with no voice. I appreciate the irony

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That one panel towards the end, sinestro's expression is wonderful but it's turned golden by how they frame the ring and carol. Fantastic bit of art, I went back and looked at it twice

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@t_hench: I take your point when referring to the Nolan films. But Man of Steel lacked realism because it lacked humanity, it felt like some producer had just been saying "we need to be more gritty, gritty, gritty" no one reacted to the destruction.

Think back to the Nolan films, you had Rachel trapped on Arkham island with Joffrey, TDK you had the two ferries, TDKR Nightwing getting the kids out on buses. It showed the humanity.

You could say this point is unrelated to the costume so let me put it another way. I feel the Marvel films felt more grounded and 'realistic' because the films had humanity in them. Man of steel, for me, didn't. It doesn't matter how colourful the costume is if the director & writer reach out and make the audience feel something.

I really hope they nail it in this next film. I really want a successful Justice League series of films

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Gal Gadot looks the part, much better than I expected. I'm a little disappointed the costume is missing red white & blue. Have some balls, embrace the colour like marvel.

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Stark gets a new armour, there's a new twist. Done before, not interested.

Aside from female Thor the house of ideas has been performing woefully

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Stunt, been done a multitude of times before. Not interested, give me something new

Disappointed in Remender

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Anyone who voted for Scarlet Spider hasn't read X-Force. I mean I really liked SS but X-Force was awesome

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The Philip Tan one of X-23 pisses me off, what's the need for big tits and sexualisation? She's a murderous assassin teenager, never written a porn star with claws.

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I'm disappointed they didn't stick with the classic magneto cosutme at the end of first class.

Quicksilver doesn't look right either

Still everyone else looks pretty cool, could be good

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News of this one shot makes me happy, I had a feeling that the real Mandarin existed in the movie universe. I mentioned it in my review but didn't want to spoil the film.

They left hints that Killian had created Kinglsey's Mandarin from existing myths. This one shot shows the lore from Iron Man 1 still exists. I can see RDJ signing up for Iron Man 4 against the real mandarin