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I missed pretty much everything on this recap over the past year or so. The GL part of the universe has been in a very weird place, it went from GL breaking into the 'trinity' to seeming like a secondary part of DC.

A shame really, the new 52 did wonderful things for Wonder Woman, Batman was pretty much the same, Superman well that's a matter of opinion but GL seems to have just ran out of steam.

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Hi a

I'm catching up on spider-verse, short version. It's really really good. Plenty of mark out moments, it's right in a happy middle between being a gimmick and Grant Morrison-style 'everything counts'.

What I'm pissed off though is the mess of tie ins and navigating the whole story by jumping from issue to issue. This is nothing new to us but comics are going mainstream, and publishers need to learnt to make this easier. We're used to using google or picking up a card in the LCS to tell us which issues are part of an event (and what order). Your everyday person isn't, if it trips up parents then you are failing.

This is my view so feel free to disagree but if you do, please suggest a better option if only for conversation's sake.

Marvel & DC have no problem ripping up continuity or renumbering issues (Marvel Now, New 52, OMIT etc) so when an event is on why don't they just take all the random issues and rename them Spider-Verse 1, Spider-Verse 2 etc. instead of:

Superior Spider Man 32

Edge of Spider-Verse 1 of 5


After all, they renumber so often and then 'reset' when a big number comes up. But does that Thor 600 etc bring in new long term readers?

Keep it simple so a kid can say "Can I have Spider-Verse 8 please!" and a parent can ask for this simply. Parents aside, even a new comic reader will feel more comfortable asking for this. I remember getting back into comics after 10 years and going into a LCS trying to make sense of Destiny War was intimidating!

Anyway that's my rant. It's not new, it's maybe not original but I'd be interested to know your thoughts. Is tradition more important or am I missing an obvious reason for numbering issues.

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This is just marvel calling Fox's bluff, they could either cease FF or X-men to show their serious. FF has the lasting legacy of being the first family but X-men would be too difficult as there are are so many spin offs. FF has lower sale so loses out of the the two properties.

The first step was the crossovers, bringing the avengers into X-men books to stop the storylines being used.

I'd wager this is Marvel showing Fox their serious,if it doesn't work expect X-men spin off titles to start dying off. There's not that many left anymore, Wolverine's dead so it would be easy to end Wolverine & the x-men. Other books are single characters (Magneto,Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Storm) so are easily closed too. What's left then? X-Force? Uncanny & All new X-men? I think that's it.

This is all high level negotiation. We're suffering for it now but it will be worth it in the long run. I would be very interested in seeing not only a Marvel created X-men movie but also reading the comic books they would put out if they were fully invested.

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May be on my own here but didn't think much of the trailer. Music reminded me of a generic trailer and I half expected ultron to say Optimus. A robot fight again hope they can do something different with it

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Imagine this was actually heroes but 5 years after the end of the series and the cop is Peter petrelli.

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Vin Diesel as Black Bolt, from just the voice of a character to a character with no voice. I appreciate the irony

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That one panel towards the end, sinestro's expression is wonderful but it's turned golden by how they frame the ring and carol. Fantastic bit of art, I went back and looked at it twice

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@t_hench: I take your point when referring to the Nolan films. But Man of Steel lacked realism because it lacked humanity, it felt like some producer had just been saying "we need to be more gritty, gritty, gritty" no one reacted to the destruction.

Think back to the Nolan films, you had Rachel trapped on Arkham island with Joffrey, TDK you had the two ferries, TDKR Nightwing getting the kids out on buses. It showed the humanity.

You could say this point is unrelated to the costume so let me put it another way. I feel the Marvel films felt more grounded and 'realistic' because the films had humanity in them. Man of steel, for me, didn't. It doesn't matter how colourful the costume is if the director & writer reach out and make the audience feel something.

I really hope they nail it in this next film. I really want a successful Justice League series of films

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Gal Gadot looks the part, much better than I expected. I'm a little disappointed the costume is missing red white & blue. Have some balls, embrace the colour like marvel.

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Stark gets a new armour, there's a new twist. Done before, not interested.

Aside from female Thor the house of ideas has been performing woefully