Was thinking of something recently when reading Batman Beyond. Terry makes a comment about how he struggles to fit everything in his life and he cant fit justice league in. Pretty refreshing to see this addressed but why isn't it ever addressed by other characters? 
EG Logan on all his teams or Superman balancing his job with his otherworldly duties....

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Posted by RedK
@thatlad:  actually logan addresses it in new avengers #1 saying multitasking is his superpower, as for superman he's got superspeed so he can do his assignments for the planet in minutes
Posted by joshmightbe

i think its best shown in spiderman where he really cant do it at all and ends up screwed all the time

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Yeah but that's more of a piss-take by wolverine 
Spider-man used to do it really well, it was a big part of his character and I think that was something people really liked because they could relate to him