Hickman's bigger picture

Just re-read all of Johnathan Hickman's run so far on Secret Warriors, wanted to give my thoughts...
Hickman's been showing Hydra rebuilding itself, Fury rebuilding from the ground up and Leviathan re-awakening. That's been the theme right through he's building these sides up for a major showdown and it's really feeling like a major storyline despite the fact it's been pretty quietly put together. I especially liked the first arc, Agent of Nothing, it felt so meaty I was reading it for ages and didn't realise how much time had passed because I became so absorbed.
When all read together you get a real sense that this whole rebuilding and mutually assured destruction between the three sides is part of a larger thing, I'm thinking either zodiac or intergration of hickman's shield book. I picked up so many things I clean forgot about,    things like gorgon saying "..they are the shield" which was also said in the shield book. Or Gorgon once again saying to Kraken I would like to kill a god, which leads up to the Gorgon/Phobos showdown coming this week (i haven't got that yet). Also Phobos' clairvoyance which has been downplayed a bit, his comment to JT about the money and his predictions about the rest of the team (Druid?).  
I don't want to ruin everything for anyone who hasnt read it but I would definitely recommend getting the trades and playing catch up, when you combine this with Hickman's Shield series you just sit there in awe of the writing.  
Let me  know your thoughts if you've read Hickman's run... 

Posted by PumpkinBomb

I'd become more and more disillusioned with Hickman as he strayed farther and father from the original Secret Warriors team dynamic to focus on the large-scale tussling of Hydra and Leviathan and whatnot. After reading the mindbogglingly poorly executed first six or seven issues of his Fantastic Four run, I've cut him out of my reading list entirely. The man's a decent writer on a page-by-page basis, but his preoccupation with setting up grandiose, labyrinthine power structures, without any respect to the ones previously established by other writers, just makes me want to punch him. Can he not tell a decent story without inventing a half-dozen massive subterranean military bases per arc?

Posted by thatlad

I see your point, if you like big detailed elaborate plots then it's for you. But if you prefer things a little less involved Hickman might not be for you

Posted by PumpkinBomb

Well, I wouldn't mind big elaborate plots if they were character-based and contributed a lot to the development of the universe and the superheroes' relationships. The massive faceless conspiracies vying for world domination don't really cut it; the best part of the series was the introduction and interplay of the young "caterpillars", and now they've pretty much been reduced to bit players in their own series.