3 things

1. SDCC is happening and I'm getting married tomorrow, that means no time to read all the awesome stuff on comicvine etc.

2. SDCC is happening and I didn't think of taking my honeymoon in san francisco (it would be worth the annulment)

3. Comicvine is advertising Internet Explorer...on a website designed by whiskey media...which any tested.com fans will know Comicvine's current format is optimised for chrome as the developers use chrome!

***Also I'm watching Cowboys Vs Aliens and the only noteworthy things I can say is...Walton Goggins is a very good actor.

Posted by _Zombie_

Congrats, bro.

Posted by AweSam

Congratulations. Cowboys vs Aliens was horrible.

Posted by 0n1zuka


Posted by HolySerpent

I loved cowboys and aliens

Posted by YourNeighborhoodComicGeek

Cowboys vs Aliens was bad....

Posted by RazzaTazz

Congrats, but your honeymoon would have been to San Diego, not San Francisco

Posted by Raiiyn

All the best to you on such an amazing occasion =)

Posted by HBKTimHBK