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I just wanted to see the general opinion of recent Action Comics delve into another part of the multiverse: Earth 23! Personally, I would love to see more come out of this. Grant Morrison may have missed the ball up until this point but he really does well with otherworld/C-list heroes (look at what he did for Doom Patrol and Animal Man in the late 80's). I think if we did an otherworld limited series based on this (with some sort of contact with Earth-1) would be great!

Anyone else?

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Alright, I don't want to go too far back, but enough to really get a feel of the character pre-52. I've always shied away from WW because of the reviews and, honestly, it didn't seem that interesting. It's the one major DC character I never fully tried out. I've read all of Azzarello's run in the new 52 so far and I'm loving it. I'm thinking about picking up Odyssey, but leading up to that where do I start and what other books/trades are worth picking up for the quintessential WW experience.

Thanks all.

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Kind of pissed that JLI is being cancelled. Sure it's not a great book but it could really profit if you put some good creators behind it (as opposed to some other books still ongoing). As for the new books, none of them really pique my interest. I'll have to pick them up and see. If Dial H gets cancelled I'm going to throw a tantrum because its great so far.

Edit: Speaking of, wasn't the new 52 supposed to be an origins type deal? A "no questions asked, new readers can jump in now" type deal? Why do they have to go back to origin stories. Origin stories are outdated. You can revisit them in the books themselves, no reason to try and rake in more cash by putting out a one shot for most of your books.

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I honestly don't understand people defending Moore. Once the product is out there, once its given to the fans, it becomes the fans. It's the same case as in Star Wars except its a little backwards. See George Lucas wanted to expound upon the original Star Wars Trilogy by digitally adding and removing things (because he didn't have the budget at the time of the original production), and since then has released everything BUT the original. Fans are clamoring for the original but Lucas responds with "no, it's my work, and I can do what I want with it." But see, its not anymore, its the fans now. It's much more than a piece of work by Lucas, its fans childhood and the twinkle in their eye. But to take that original piece of footage that awed the viewer and change it because its not what he wanted is just plain wrong. The whole point of the entertainment media is to captivate audiences and become part of their lives is it not? Then Moore defending his work, renouncing mainstream comics, and whining about someone adding to his production is moot. It's not about you Moore, its about the work you created and we can see it evolve (or devolve) whether or not you go kicking and screaming into the night. It has nothing to do whether or not these pieces will be good or not. It will not change the original Watchmen release. They are just icing on the cake. All in all, I liked Watchmen, but I'm also tired of people worshiping it like it is the end all be all of comics. It's a piece of work that has its flaws just like any other work. Is it good? yes. But no piece of work should basically be worshiped.

That said. I enjoyed the Minutemen book. Though it just expounded on the characters and really didn't go places with plot. Is it taking away from my original reading of Watchmen? No, its just fun. It's a book. It's entertainment. If you don't enjoy it, don't read it. If you do, then good. It's when it becomes something other than entertainment/art is when the industry is at its worst.

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@SavageDragon: he was in the first wave of blackest night set. he's sitting on my desk. for a pic

EDIT: Though it was DC Direct that did it. Not DCU (therein lies the problem, i hate the articulation in the limbs by DCU, more like statue case figures than making sweet scenes on my desk figures).

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I DO have a paper cut, however, none from bagging and boarding.  It's just from a work incident this morning.  However, it has reopened thanks to a few too many boards.

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It's been a while (I mean a long while) since I've done the dirty work.  Working on it the past three hours probably still have a couple hundred books to go.  Save me!

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Ah, I am caught unaware.  It's just that I started this blog before that and its something I've wanted to privately do and eventually change over to a domain name.

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thanks to those who have set foot into new territory so far
to everyone else i urge you to check it out!

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@Kid_Zombie said:
" @placeboaddiction:  Chew Incogneto Y the last Man Unwritten  As for Marvel:  Invincible iron Man is amazing, Burbakers Captain America is awesome and I love incredible Hercules for some reason, but if you dug great lakes i think you would enjoy Herc. "
I second Chew, Y, and Unwritten.  Unknown Soldier is an uncompromising tale that I've loved so far (though I can tell you dig superhero genre more than most other genres).  Check it out as well if you feel like taking a dip in the unknown.  If i think of some others i'll let you know.
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