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Yes this would be an AWESOME GAME! He's such ah versitle hero that the game could have many different aspects to it. To do it justice it would have to be open world set in Wakanda which would work perfectly because it has jungle & urban, some metal gear stealth gameplay which would kind of be core since it is the panther, Assassin’s Creed traversal with some upgrades because he can climb walls with his claws & stop mid climb to pounce an enemy, lil Rocksteady batman fighting but much deeper, with a Kingdom of Amalur upgrading system, and of course you have to have Djimon Honsou for the voice! He has that natural africain accent, i'd even cast him as the panther for a move, plus this guy did the cartoon awesomely. And he would HAVE TO HAVE MULTIPLE COSTUMES WHICH GRANT DIFFERENT SPECIAL ABILITIES like Rockstars Red Dead.