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I wasn't impressed with the dialogue in this issue. I was going to buy all the issues from #1 on Comixology but think I'll take Superboy off my New 52 pull list now.

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What madness IS this… that I must dodge the bullets of those I am risking my life to SAVE?! - Captain Marvel

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Congratulations mate on a phenomenal achievement. Regardless of the views of a minority, I'm sure most of us ComicVine mutants appreciate your work. Also thanks for your guidance when I was a newb


You write really well (I'm a proper grammer nerd!).

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Although not his biggest fan I always thought Vulture was AT LEAST a mid level villain. He's appeared in enough games and also in Spider-Man TAS. I remember when Blackie Drago took over as Vulture and Adrian Toomes WHIPPED HIS ASS in public to make an example of him (Amazing Spider-Man #63). That was bad ass! Also why the f does The Vulture's harness give him super strength!?

Any chance of an article on a more crappy villain called The Looter?

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I've been reading digital comics for over a year and only buy physical copies if it's an issue that I think is a total classic, or sometime TPB's. It's also easier (especially living outside the US) to track down older issues like Silver Age Marvel stuff digitally then finding back copies of those in shops. Plus I do most of my reading on the very busy train to work and it's just easier reading on my tablet or big screen phone than holding a comic open and trying to grab the hand rails!!

I once downloaded a free issue of Daredevil vol.1 #1 on the Marvel Comics App on Android and that got me so hooked I bought the entire volume 1 of DD (painful for my wallet!). I would never have been able to track down all those old DD issues in stores here!

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1. Internet Explorer 8

2. Windows


4. I didn't get my points for the above page and it doesn't appear on my timeline. It also doesn't show on my point total. But stuff I did after this appears on my timeline. I know this is a common problem and I've read the point on the multi-pass page are more accurate but I only have an account on ComicVine and no other Whiskey Media sites so don't think I have a multi pass wotsit! (Please correct me if I'm wrong but I don't even know where to look for this.) I think I'm about 1000 points short in total because of the number of time this error has happened!

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This makes me sad...

I'm off to watch re-runs of Spider-Man TAS and X-Men TAS from the early 90s in a continuous loop until the world ends...

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It's not the winning that counts... it's the taking part :P

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I used to read Archie Comics in the 80s and the art still looks the same!