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It seem feasible to do both as you guys have said but then aren't we tagging two people when only one character appears in the issue? I say we let Dan Slott decide! Man am I gonna give him a hard time at London Comic Con! :)

There's a number of character pages on Comicvine that say something like "Tony Guerrero is the current Hero Bloke, previous Hero Blokes have been xyz" so maybe on Spider-Man's page under Current Events we can write Otto Octavius' mind is currently in Spider-Man's body or some such. Then keep tagging Spidey and let him rack up those appearances.

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@BreZeJ: Nice one. I was a bit short of comics that week besides X-O Manowar so this spreads out nicely.

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This is probably one for the staff or mods to decide but who should get tagged (linked as an appearance in issues) as Spidey in Superior Spider Man?


Should it be Doc Ock or Spider-Man. Obviously it's Otto's mind in there but it's still Spidey's body, identity and of course name! Plus it's a SPIDER-MAN comic! Maybe another option is to create a new character called Superior Spider-Man (not one I'm keen on).

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@Bonzi161 said:

im sorry, but i love how mad this run is making some people, i have no ties to any of these characters (i have not read any of the books they come from) so when this comes out it tpb i am all over it. side note, isnt the fact that it makes you angry to see the characters die a sign that it is good? dont you want the stuff you read to make you feel real emotions? maybe its just me

Not just you -- [p.e.t.e.r. p.a.r.k.e.r.]

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A small week for me:

  • Superior Spider-Man #1 (+ a variant for once)
  • Thor: God of Thunder #4
  • Cable and X-Force #3
  • The Avengers #3 (is this out or what?)
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@skyjumpermike said:

@redbird3rdboywonder said:

So I watched the video and I feel like I missed something. How did mapping out Parker's brainwaves allow for Otto to make the switch?

The same way a radioactive spider gives someone super powers... the magic of imagination.


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I'd prefer Zachary Levi myself. Only cos I'm a big fan of Chuck. Although I think him playing Fandral in Thor 2 might count against him!

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I like the twist at the end of the preview but this isn't anywhere near as good as Colton Worley's art from the last story arc. That was one of the main reasons I bought those issues. I think I'll be dropping this now.

Actually just noticed it still says Worley on the cover but the solicit say Rodriguez! Anyway that's def not Worley.

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For once I'm getting a lot of comics from the list.

  • All New X-Men #4
  • Avengers #2
  • Cable and X-Force #2
  • Indestructible Hulk #2
  • The Spider #7
  • Thor: God of Thunder #3
  • Uncanny Avengers #3
  • X-O Manowar #8 < best series out now!


  • Batman #15
  • Avengers Arena #2

And when the hell is Masks #2 out?

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Hey man. You must know ppl at Valiant or something. Tell them to do what ^ he ^ said!