The Incredible Hulk - "Stay Angry" - What happened Jason Aaron?


The Incredible Hulk #11 and #12 - "Stay Angry" Parts 4-5:

ALSO! Check out the review the (needless to say, we agree on all points, this arc was sad...very sad, indeed.


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The Incredible Hulk #8, #9, #10 - “Stay Angry” Parts 1-3

Mixed Feelings…

I have been overly tolerant of this story-arc so far. I want to believe it is going to get better. The arc(s) up to this point were excellent (from 4-5 / 5.0), and I would recommend them, but this story-arc has fallen flat on its face.

I hate to give anything a real bad score, especially if it comes from a great series, but these three books are falling from grace (#8 with a 3.5 and #9 and #10 with 3.0). There are some redeeming characteristics for each issue, but the individual stories leave much to be desired.

The only real reason these issues have not fallen below the 3.0 line for me is the fact that the idea behind this story-arc is smart.

The Idea: Hulk is no longer in control, evil-Banner is. Banner is executing some big plan (off-panel) that we and Hulk only get glimpses of when Hulk is angry… thus, Hulk has to STAY ANGRY.

The execution of this idea, on the other hand - not so smart. It is riddled with odd sexual innuendos, lame secondary antagonist characters and uncharacteristically sloppy story-telling (especially from Jason Aaron!). Maybe, at this point, this is a back-burner book for Aaron? Who knows… because I have always enjoyed Aaron’s writing and story-telling…hmm…

Anyway, if you like the idea of this story-arc and hope it will get better; are in the collecting mood; and/or enjoy gratuitous violence - you may still like this run…

NOTE: Andrew and I discuss Issues #8 and #9 of this story-arc is much more detail in Stacks of Comics (@stacksofcomics) Episodes #4 and #5 respectively.

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