The Annihilation of Smiles

With all the death and destruction of the Annihilation Wave, it is nice to see so many characters had time to smile.

Some of them had devoted full panels for their gesture of cheer. In fact, just within the six main books of Annihilation, we see 6 (six) full panel smiles (from four different characters - Ravenous (3); Thanos (1); Drax (1); Ronan (1)):

Annihilation #2 - Thanos
Annihilation #2 - Ravenous
Annihilation #4 - Drax
Annihilation #5 - Ravenous
Annihilation #6 - Ronan
Annihilation #6 - Ravenous

When it comes to panels where the main focus is all about the smiles, I counted 18 (eighteen) different smile occurrences in the six main books of Annihilation:

Thanos wins the smile prize this time... and why wouldn't he? After all, he ended up with the love of his "life"...

  1. Thanos (7)
  2. Ravenous (5)
  3. Super-Skrull (2)
  4. Gamora (2)
  5. Drax (1)
  6. Cammi (1)

Interesting, eh?


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Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

Most of those aren`t all that relaxing...

Posted by Night Thrasher

To be fair...a lot of these characters were very "socially akward". Cammi definitely comes to mind. That girl was scary

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Aw man I love Annihilation *fishes out TPBs* time for a reread