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Okay, some of these are late, but keeping up with reading AND reviewing has been somewhat difficult. Of course, that is not why you are reading this - so let’s get to it.

Overall Note - The “space” portion of the story still seems REALLY BIG. I feel a little lost as to where people are at any given time. Because we have some big players and teleporters we lose track of any space-time. It all kind of loses meaning. While it is a big universe, sometimes I feels like it is all taking place around the same giant ring-world planet. Maybe it is just me. I am sure it will all pan out in the end - then again, a star chart would be nice.

Infinity #2 ( 4.5 / 5 ) - I really loved this issue. I talked about it briefly in Stacks of Comics - Episode 030, but no one seems to believe me. It got infinitely easier to understand what is going on with the story. This issue really cleared a bunch of stuff up AND provided us with a FANTASTIC reveal (which I will not spoil here). There is so much going on in this issue, it is hard to encapsulate it all in a short blurb. I will say my favorite part was Black Bolt calling in the rest of the Illuminati to one of the coolest places in the universe(s). Needless to say, if you are a fan of any of the characters in this story - pick this up.

Avengers #19 ( 4 / 5 ) - This issue and Captain Marvel really go hand in hand. Which makes sense - she is on the cover. And what a beautiful cover it is… in fact, I loved the art throughout the book. This issue picks up right after the last, and mostly tracks what happens with Carol and her team (“the captured”). It does give quite a bit of insight on what is happening with the Galactic Council (and proves that J-Son of Spartax is a #$%!@, here and in Guardians of the Galaxy). This issue is definitely worth reading and has important (expanded) tie-in information for the event itself.

Mighty Avengers #1 ( 3 / 5 ) - This title and Thunderbolts are a “boots on the ground” perspective on the event. At least for the time being. It is a good issue, sets up the characters, but as far as “Tie-In”, you could take it or leave it for the event. It has some potential, I will give it that. And as we saw in Infinity #3, this team will likely play a larger role as the event rolls on.

Infinity: The Hunt #1 ( 3 / 5 ) - I am biased - I love Matt Kindt’s work. Period. This is the first of of four tie-in issues of the event mini-series. Again, it has HUGE potential. While slow to start, this particular issue sets things up, and if you like the “Avengers Academy” / “Jean Grey School” age characters, it will be right up your alley. I just have to assume in the four available issues we will see great things. I do wish Matt did the art as well, that would be incredible - but then he wouldn’t have time for Mind MGMT (and the million other things he is doing). ;) PS. Latverian School of Science - ‘nuff said!

New Avengers #10 ( 5 / 5 ) - There is really no way to talk openly about this book without ruining the surprise that was revealed at the end of Infinity #2. At this point in the event, you likely know what I am talking about, but I am not going to discuss it until my next round of reviews. I do love that the entire book starts out with Stark saying, “What did you say?” to Black Bolt. Sets up the “gravity” of the situation. We get an EXCELLENT amount of Thanos in this issue. There is yet another pretty big reveal as it pertains to Dr. Strange…and we end the issue with another “incursion”. With all that is going on, we lose track of the fact that the Illuminati have been dealing with world ending stuff even before this event. Wow. Get. This. Book. Read. This. Series.

Captain Marvel #16 ( 4 / 5 ) - Girl Power! Wondering what happened “off panel” in Avengers #19? Well here are most of your answers - and we find out how Carol went from “Binary” to “Captured”. I really enjoy how Carol is represented in this event - a major player. She is not too shabby to look at either. The artists are really doing a great job. Kelly Sue of course is doing a bang up job portraying one of the most important/powerful Marvel characters as a strong and independent woman. Great role model material here… whether you are a “half-breed dynamo” or not.

Thunderbolts #15 ( 4 / 5 ) - The moment that this became a 4/5 I actually said it aloud. I was as shocked as anyone, especially based on previous issues. Now, again, I am not hyper-critical like some of my peers, but the last issue had very little to do with the event. This one at least is event-adjacent. Getting closer. Obviously, after this issue, we will see direct involvement from some (not all apparently) of the Thunderbolts. What did it for me? Well besides the oddly quirky (in a good way) art - it was the writing. Yeah. I LOVED the movie reference discussion that Deadpool and Venom had. I can tell you, this book would have received a much lower score if Deadpool didn’t have his a-ha moment. You will see what I am talking about. :) Anyway, I know that is trivial, but it goes up from there. It seems like this book is finally getting legs. Check it out.

Infinity #3 ( 4.5 / 5 ) - Wow. I still feel “lost in space”, but this book is definitely impressive. They are doing a great job of not requiring the tie-in books if you just want to main story. In fact, some full panels from the tie-ins appear in this issue. That can be seen as good or bad, I guess. I liked Hickman’s play of “Submit or Perish” - actually a better execution than AoU, IMO. ;) Anyway, this issue was a good mix of space vs. earth. We get a few great “Captain America FTW” moments; a few “other team” Tie-In, tie-in panels (Thunderbolts, Mighty Avengers, Illuminati); AND the showdown we have been waiting for finally erupts. As indicated on the Skottie Young variant cover (one of my all time favs) Thanos and Black Bolt go head to head. I really want a statue of their final interaction from this issue. Thanos wants what is “his” Black Bolt says, “NoOoO” (duh).

Fantastic. And if you missed it, here is a little tweet that I sent out commemorating this issue:


That’s it! I hope you enJOY these thanosrules quick reviews! Until next Chapter of Infinity, keep reading and keep listening! :D

- @thanosrules

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Well done again and still loving the event :D

Posted by johnkmccubbin91

Not read 3 (or NA 10) yet but besides that I agree with you, though I personally would give issue 2 a 4 star but that's splitting hairs.

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@johnkmccubbin91: I struggled with that one as well - but because it was so much more clear than #2 it deserved more than a 4, if that makes any sense. ;)

@broo1232: Thanks! :D

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@thanosrules: I was talking about #2 as I've not read #3 yet.

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@johnkmccubbin91: Ooops! So was I...I meant to say, "So much more clear than #1", referring to #2. :)

#3 is great too, obviously... but yeah. I hope that is cleared up now. Sorry :)

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@thanosrules: Easy mistake, was just wondering if you were moving on and I missed something. I also felt that issue 2 was better, though I still kept it at 4 as it wasn't quite as good as the first New Avengers tie-in, though I'd consider giving it a 4.5 as it's not far away from it with 4.25 probably being the real score.

No problem, and I hope I enjoy it when it arrives, and I'll be sure to review it as I've been reviewing the Infinity series itself and the Avengers/New Avengers tie-ins.

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@johnkmccubbin91: Yep. 4.25 sounds right. :D New Avengers is my favorite ongoing Marvel title right now. It is really great.

Looking forward to your review!

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@thanosrules: No problem, it's also one of my favourites as well. I'm starting them the now and should have it done later or tomorrow.