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It has been a LONG time since I did a thanosrules Quick Review, but the time has come. The event is here. My event is here.

I also realize that I haven’t even “officially” reviewed Infinity #1 yet (outside Stacks of Comics - Episode 028 - Infinitely Too Stupid For Comics…) so I will add a quick review for that in here as well…

Here goes!

Infinity #1 ( 4 / 5 ) - As mentioned in the podcast, I felt a bit lost, stupid even…and this is with having read ALL the Prelude to Infinity stuff. The event seems too big at this point. That said, it was a great setup issue. It incorporated the FCBD Infinity Comic and some of the Prelude content from Avengers/New Avengers. The point(s) I believe we were supposed to take away: Avengers have headed into space to battle The Builders, leaving Earth “Avenger-less” for Thanos and the Cull Obsidian (The Black Order) to conquer. There is a lot more in the issue, but if you “get” that, you are ready for the beginning of the end - Infinity!

New Avengers #9 ( 5 / 5 ) - This issue is amazing. It has everything I could ever want in a comic book: Earth based, but cosmic, Thanos, Infinity Gem search, individualized battles per major Illuminati member, Earth invasion, etc. We also see some perfectly characterized behavior: Namor being the jackass that he is, and Blackbolt looking like a real bad-ass. This issue was my favorite of all the tie-in issues. It is a MUST READ for the event in my opinion. Oh, and it gives some pretty nice bios of the Cull Obsidian at the end of the issue…

Avengers #18 ( 4 / 5 ) - As New Avengers handled the fight on the homefront this issue dealt with the Avengers in space, at The Corridor - the battle that would either make or break The Builder’s advance towards Earth. Based on some of the other tie-in covers, you can imagine how it went. It did show a massive “teamwork” effort among significant warring factions throughout the 616 universe. Certainly an interesting mix of elite Earth allies and enemies. This issue was a bit more confusing than New Avengers, probably because it is a battle on a cosmic scale. What you need to know is that the Avengers (and many for-the-time-being allies) are battling The Builders in space in an effort to “head them off at the pass” - literally, The Corridor. I still wonder why there are so many “non-cosmic” characters out in space. The rule should be: “If you cannot survive in space, you shouldn’t be battling in space. We do see some of this fallout for some of the character experiences. Overall, it is a good chunk of the ongoing event story and should be read alongside the main books.

Captain Marvel #15 ( 4 / 5 )

- This book ties directly in to the Avengers battle with The Builders in space. It is a specific angle on the battle, obviously from Captain Marvel’s POV. Kelly Sue DeConnick is one of my favorite writers, so I knew this (and Avengers Assemble) would be quality tie-ins. Heck, I have been collecting both series from the beginning, so reading these as tie-ins was a no-brainer anyway. She handled this story exactly as I expected - wonderfully. This, on top of the MAJOR character changes in Captain Marvel - in the most recent art/mini-event Enemy Within, Carol basically loses her memories as it relates to her identity - it makes for an interesting dynamic in the team, as well as her close relationships. This is a great tie-in to get a different perspective on the space battle. It is not required reading for the event, but adds something that is often lost in big events - much needed individualized character development.

Avengers Assemble #18 ( 4 / 5 ) - From the cover you can see that Jessica is having a bad day. And while this isn’t exactly what happens in the book, it is a good representation of her experience. Like Captain Marvel #14, this issue is another great tie-in for a different perspective on the space battle. As you may have inferred from the cover, it is narrated by Spider-Woman. A POV that, like Jessica, is full of stubborn and reckless abandon. It centers around her current life situation: breakup with Clint and mourning for the loss of her best friend’s (Carol) identity. If this wasn’t enough, she nearly gets lost in space…only to be rescued by and unexpected and unwanted savior. Jessica is having a bad day. Like Captain Marvel #14, this is not required reading for the event. If you like Spider-Woman and want yet another POV on the space battle, go ahead and pick this up, it only adds to that much needed individualized character development I was talking about…

Thunderbolts #14 ( 2 / 5 ) - Let it be known that this score reflects how this issue relates to THIS EVENT, not its actual story. If I was to rate its story alone, it would be a ( 3 / 5 ) as it relates to the ongoing series - which is mediocre. Let me get this out of the way - it is NOT recommended to read this as a part of the Infinity Event. The ONLY, and I will “spoil” this for you here, tie-in, at all, is a mention by Venom that the Avengers are in space. This one statement simply changes the Punisher’s decision on who to take on “his mission”. You see, his name was pulled from Deadpool’s fancy hat as the next Thunderbolts member to have “their mess cleaned up” - as was each team member’s deal with Thaddeus at the start. Sounds riveting, huh? Hrm…yeah. Another “spoiler” - they don’t even get to the Punisher’s mission in this issue, it is extended to the next…who knows if that will be considered a tie-in as well - maybe Deadpool will make a joke about Thanos’ chin - that will warrant “tie-in classification” for sure! BTW - I read the entire series to get to this “tie-in”. Yeah. My mistake…


That’s it! I hope you enJOY these thanosrules quick reviews! Until next Chapter of Infinity, keep reading and keep listening! :D

- @thanosrules

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Neat write up. Loving the event as well, or at least the main three books.

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Sweet review.

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Great set of quick reviews. I only read the main ones, and will be getting a few tie-ins, but I agree on your ratings for the first issue, as well as the Avengers, and New Avengers issues.

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Love it. Short, sweet, to the point. Thank you. I keep hearing great initial things about Infinity, but I think I'll have to wait for the trade. I don't know if I want to commit that much money after the whole Age of Ultron thing.

As a side note, I'm disappointed my only Venom fix may soon come in the form of the Thunderbolts. I only read the first two issues, and was so totally underwhelmed and disappointed I didn't pick it back up. How that and Morbius keeps going but Venom may be getting canned I don't know.

Great quick synopsis though!

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I am reading two of the titles above (Infinity and Thunderbolts) and pretty much agree with you. I need to catch up on the rest. Or at least attempt to. :)

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I agree with you on almost everything except the rate of Avengers #18.

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@thanosrules: No problem, and just read most of your other one (bar the main issues I've not read yet).

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@thanosrules: I think the event started out pretty badly but now things are getting better and better.

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Good review.

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cool review