Hire your Villains for a Villain only book...

Villains for Hire #1 (of 4) was released today.

Here is my review...

It got me thinking...

With solid books like this, I wonder why a "villain only" series wouldn't survive. We all know that "bad stuff" happens every day, much more than the good guys can attend to, so why not show more of the underworld's goings-on? With so many super-villain teams, it would almost be like the standard "good" vs. "bad"; only this time, it would be "bad" vs. "bad" - and why not?

Heck, things must be getting really boring for the "good guys" in the Marvel Universe if they have to start fighting each other for ratings! :)


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Posted by PikminMania

@thanosrules: I was thinking of if I ever got the chance to work at Marvel, I'd remake Super-Villain Team ups, the original comic was awesome and would give me a chance to showcase Taskmaster and Bullseye working together.

Posted by TacticalSandwich

Mad Hatter or Clayface

Posted by thanosrules

@PikminMania: Nice.


I only read the preview, but I'm anticipating this and was a fan of the prior Heroes 4 Hire volume. On a personal level with Marvel this past year, the underdog books against the main title ones seem to for the most part be the most solid and refreshing reads and I always encourage more readers to cater their pull list to series like this first. Possible editorial isn't all over series like this as much as their star titles? I dunno but the work really shows. If I'm lucky comic shop day is tomorrow (110+ miles to it! O_O) and this is waiting. Glad to see it getting props already, that makes me feel right about my current expectations and views of the Marvel side of the industry.