Creator-Owned Heroes #1, #2, and #3 Reviewed!


It is true, Trigger Girl 6 is all I would ever need in a comic. It is intelligently written and beautifully drawn. The art of Phil Noto is the most beautiful depiction of women I have ever seen. Period.

I am obviously biased, but I want to give decently equal analysis of each aspect of this book - I just wanted to be clear on Trigger Girl 6 and Phil Noto's art.

Okay, with that out of the way, lets see, where shall I start - well how about an overall generalization of the series? Sure. Here goes...

This is one of the most genius ideas for a comic ever. The planning, dedication and pure heart and soul that goes into this work is astonishing. It certainly shows through its implementation and execution. I am very impressed with everything this book has to offer, and I hope people appreciate it for what it is - and what it stands for...

Each time I pick this book up, I am inspired. Not many things do that anymore. I always hold on to this book after it comes out - I do not want to read it in a rush, sidetracked, distracted - I want to give it all my attention. Most of the comics I read/review I consider "candy", something that is nice and sweet, easy to consume and really contains no real sustenance. This book is far from that - it is the main course. It should be savored.

Geesh! Enough with the gushing. WTF.

Okay, you get. I dig the book. Now, how about some detail on the latest issue -

Creator-Owned Heroes #3:

American Muscle - Part 3

  • This has been and continues to be a great post-apocalyptic story.
  • The art (Kevin Mellon) fits the mood and tone of the story PERFECTLY.
  • The writing is BANG! on.
  • It has great story progression - there has been enough revealed in each issue to keep you interested but not too much to spoil the pace.
  • I love the gratuitous violence (as might be expected).
  • One of the best aspects of the story is that you actually get a real creeped out feeling while reading, experiencing, living in the world portrayed... excellent conveyance.
  • The story is very aptly named, as it nicely illustrates the use of the "American Muscle Car" in a very different way - the essence of which is extrapolated as the tone/theme of the entire story.
  • It is a story that leaves you asking, "Where can you run when hell is everywhere?"

Interview with Mark Waid

  • Awesome.
  • Jimmy asks the perfect questions.
  • So. Funny.
  • We (readers of today) are so fortunate to be exposed to such raw data from our "heroes" - Between this type of published interaction and Twitter, what else could we ask for?

Art of Phil Noto

  • See above.
  • Seriously. Phil's art is PERFECT for Trigger Girl 6.
  • I absolutely love hearing/reading the "behind the art" segments. It is one of the best parts of this entire concept. It adds immeasurable value to the work as a whole. Thank you creators.

Creator Segments/Stories

Steve Bunche - This editorial type piece gives a great perspective on female super-heroes. It is a fun read and made me think of the world of estrogen powered heroes in ways I have never considered.

Justin Gray - Dude. I do hope you get a chance to read this review. Mostly because I want to thank you. Your article(s) are freaking hilarious. I can relate to most everything you said - in fact, it reminded me of my most recent flight from Austin to Seattle... as I was getting off the plane, I had to wait near the cockpit for the passenger in front of me to get in his wheelchair (no that is not the part that it reminded me of) - while waiting, the pilot commented on the shirt I was wearing - it said "geek." in plain white letters. He said, "I don't know about that shirt." When I asked him to elaborate, he ignored me. I guess he really didn't know. The stewardess then chimed in and said, "In my day, geek was a derogatory term." I am not quite sure what they were getting at, but considering I was flying from Austin to Seattle, on a flight that more than likely had multiple "tech geeks" on it, they were way off base to be judging me on my attire, and assumed profession. Yes, I am a geek. I get paid to be a geek. Why is this not acceptable? I guess I should grow up and get a "real job".

Christopher Irving - Christopher talks about his new digital magazine, The Drawn Word - from what he says, it definitely looks like something worth checking out.

Branwyn Bigglestone and Steve Niles - This is a fantastic interview of Steve by Branwyn. It covers everything from punk, to comics, through DIY. It offers a healthy dose of reality from one of the best creators in any industry.

Trigger Girl 6 - Part 3 (of 4)

Now for the main event - or at least what I consider the main event!

  • F-ing fantastic. Pure and simple. Perfect. I love it.
  • I could read/look at the panels of this story forever.
  • Most times I don't even want to turn the page - fearing that it is edging closer to the end...
  • As I mentioned, Noto's art is perfect for the character and feel of this story.
  • This should be a regular, ongoing series.
  • It has excellent story progression - the reveal pace is fantastic, as are her "abilities".
  • Snake + 2 Rats? I love the addition of interesting details...
  • I love the fearlessness, the determination, the purity of the character.
  • This part has a nice reveal at the end, something which has been teased since the last issue. It will be interesting to see how all of this plays out.
  • I don't want it to be over next issue!
  • I understand that this is a short story. I really do. Short stories are nice, but I would pay A LOT of money to see this as its own series (as long as the creators remain the same). :)

Okay, that is about all I can muster for this review. It is a bit more than my normal "Quick Review", but I wanted to be sure and devote a lot of time and attention to this series, reading and reviewing.

Please, add it to your subscription list at your Local Comic Shop. Support the book. Support the cause. It is well worth the investment - as this is the best value in comics today. Period.


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