Avengers vs. X-Men Act II Tie-In Reviews!

The number of tie-in issues for this event can be a bit overwhelming. I have committed to buying and reading each of the tie-in issues, maybe, so you don’t have to. :)

The below list contains my “thanosrules Quick Reviews” for 10 Issues from Avengers vs. X-Men Act II (for the most part I believe). Each bullet item will contain the following:

  • Issue Title #00 - Gut Feeling - Comments; Notable Interaction (where applicable)

The “Out of 5” star ratings for the individual issues appear above, in the image gallery. You will notice that none scored lower than a 3.0 with an average overall score of 3.75.

  • The New Avengers #27 - Cool - Beautiful artwork; Great backstory for “Fongji”; Hope/Master Yu Ti interaction wore on a bit, but Spider-Man’s role was interesting, though felt a bit forced; Favorite Interaction: Master Yu Ti/Spider-Man
  • The New Avengers #28 - Cool - Nice artwork; I did not expect this book to end like it did, very impressed, very well written!; Cheesiest Interaction: Spider-Woman/Hawkeye
  • Uncanny X-Men #16 - Cool - Love the concept of the cover; Good battle scenes; Well-paced and written; Excellent usage of Mr. Sinister’s side-story in overall plot; Favorite Interaction: Emma/Cows
  • Wolverine and the X-Men #13 - Cool - Good battle scenes; Very interesting Warbird backstory and character building; Nice artwork; Well written and paced; Cheesiest Interaction: Warbird/Ice Man
  • Avengers Academy #33 - Okay - Great artwork; Decent conclusion to the “Boy and his Sentinel” storyline; Felt extremely “hokey” throughout; It had an unexpected but decent ending; Favorite Interaction: Emma/X-23
  • Secret Avengers #28 - Okay - Not a fan of the artwork, but this was a great conclusion to the re-introduction of Captain Marvel; Battles with the Phoenix felt odd, each character taking their turn, each meeting nearly the same fate - seemed a bit drawn out, but it does have its merit, as it makes Captain Marvel’s actions even more meaningful; Favorite Interaction: Captain Britain/Phoenix
  • Uncanny X-Men #15 - Okay - More relevant AvX content than last issue; nicely tied to the previous Mr. Sinister specific side-story; Favorite Interaction: Colossus/Cyttorak
  • Wolverine and the X-Men #12 - Okay - Decent battle scenes; Interesting Rachel Grey character building; Nice artwork; Witty dialog;Favorite Interaction: Tie between Angel/War Machine and Ice Man/Beast
  • X-Men Legacy #269 - Meh - Not a fan of the artwork; The story felt a bit forced - They certainly got across the message that Rogue is extremely stubborn and has a “shoots first and asks questions later” attitude; It did have a very interesting ending - a nice glimpse into Magik’s character; Also, the Twilight Zone reference was spot-on!
  • Uncanny X-Men #14 - Meh - Story developed too slow; Overly dramatic; Decent backstory on “why” Mister Sinister has been added to the overall plot; Nice artwork; Great page-by-page reveals



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Posted by broo1232

Agree on all but I really liked #14 had a league of extraordinary gentlemen vibe to it.