Age of Ultron Reading Order and Spoiler Free Quick Reviews

(quick review of the event issues so far below)

Obviously you do not have to read them in this order, but I believe this will allow Age of Ultron #3 to provide the most impact.

I did not read them in this order, because I didn't know. Even the “Event Card” didn't have them in this order. But based on the final page of Superior #6AU, it should come before AU #3.

The FF #5AU really is more back story and can be read before or after AU #3, but based on some of the events, this order makes the most sense.

An issue by issue quick review for the series so far…

  • AU #1: Great start. The final page really sets the tone for the rest of the series. We discuss it more here during Stacks of Comics Ep. 22.
  • AU #2: Much slower pace. the inside story does not do the cover justice, but does set up another faction to watch (besides the NYC team). This issue moves the story forward slightly.
  • FF #5AU: Great issue illustrating what happened to the FF before AU #1. Very sad at parts. Art is good, but very different from the rest of the event. Very interesting last set of panels… what does it mean?
  • Superior #6AU: Wonderful issue. My first Superior issue. I knew what happened to Peter, so there was no spoiler here, but if you don’t know what has happened, be sure to catch up with ASM before jumping in here. This issue definitely fills in some of the missing story-line from AU #1 and #2.
  • AU #3: WOW. Fantastic Issue. Amazing. Heartbreaking in parts. Definitely redeemed AU #2 (which wasn’t that bad, just slow). We find a new faction in a different city than the two we have seen previously. Also, HUGE REVEAL on the last page. Yikes.

Overall: Don’t miss this series. It is turning out to be a “no holds barred” look into a potential future for the 616. The best part is you are left without a feeling of “safety”.

Your favorite hero may die.

So, whether you pick it up in stores, digitally, or when it comes out in trade… you will want to have this in your collection. I may be overstepping my bounds here, but it is already 10X better than AvX - and I really liked AvX. ;)


Posted by johnkmccubbin91

Great reviews, and interesting read order. I personally read Age of Ultron 3 first not knowing what the correct order was and I can see argument as to why Superior Spider-Man #6AU should be read before, as well as after. The events take place between the AoU issue 3, and kind of give a small spoiler to the plan so I can see why they state reading AoU 3 first, but I agree that it'd give more impact to read Superior first (if that made sense).

Posted by broo1232

Yep totally agree with the reading order Fantastic four and Superior Spider-man before AU 3 although FF maybe could have come before issue 1 because you see Sue storm briefly in that maybe it's just a continuity mix up.

Posted by johnkmccubbin91

@broo1232: I think it's more cause they wanted to introduce the main series first (not many if any tie-ins come before the first issue of these type of events). But for anyone reading them once they're out FF's probably better first.

Posted by broo1232

@johnkmccubbin91: Marvel would never allow something like this to come out before the actual event unless it was hinting at it not actually in the thick of the event. FF probably could be read between 1 and 2 as well.

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What about Avengers 12.1 being the first issue and Superior Spider Man being before AU #1?

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@davidsonlhaworth: I was not aware of this. Was that something they retrofitted? I mean way back 2011, did Slott already know that he was going to promote Doc Ock?

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In the end of that Avengers issue AU began, and in the issue of Superior it was when Spiderman reacting to the invasion of Ultron.