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Writer. Collector. Reviewer. Fan.

Just a common comic collector with an obsession with some of the finest cosmic characters of all time: Silver Surfer, Galactus, Thanos and Doctor Doom! That said, I have been out of touch with comics for nearly 20 years - I have a lot of catching up to do!

my goal

Collect *every* appearance, item, random scribble of the Silver Surfer / Norrin Radd

secondary goal

Collect apperances for Galactus, Thanos and Doctor Doom

my pride and joy

Pride and Joy

Check out my Blog Post (with pictures) of my entire "Marvel Room"

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Twitter: https://twhttps://twitter.com/#!/thanosrulesitter.com/thanosrules

Tumblr: http://thanosrules.tumblr.com/

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moar! about me

20 years ago, I started collecting comics. I collected them for their covers. Period. I NEVER READ ANYTHING I purchased. Maybe it was because I started collecting comic book cards first, where comic book covers just were a larger form factor of the cards I knew and loved -- who knows. Either way, I amassed quite a nice collection -- until all of the sudden, I just stopped.

Now, around 15 years since I last gazed upon the colorful illustrations of my favorite cover art, I sit here wondering how the heck I am ever going to catch up on all this reading!?! Not only do I have my old collection to sift through (some of which were duplicates and triplicates purchased in the "prospecting age of comics"), but I have all the new stuff that I have added to that collection -- in an effort to catch up with the major happenings and events of the last 15 years.

Wow. I never thought I would be so lost.

I guess I am at a double disadvantage - when I was collecting, I never read anything, so anything I thought I knew about the characters came from the cover art of the comics, safely stored within a plastic bag in front of a piece of cardboard; on top of that, I am trying to catch up on an entire two ages worth of comics, Silver and Modern for an ever-growing selection of characters.

Lo and behold, something else has sprung up in the time I was away (now I really feel like I have been frozen in the ice of the Arctic for years): People actually read, review and talk about comics on the internet. I was used to looking at the covers of Wizard magazine, and the occasional glance at the Comic Buyers Price Guide... but this internet thing for comics really is big. WAY bigger than I would have expected. All this coming from the same person that as of a year ago didn't realize new comics were still being released - let alone on a weekly basis.

All this has led me to where I am today. And as my Twitter description states, it is pretty far from where I came from: "Tech Geek. Comic Reviewer. Humbled by the world's genius. Angered by the world's ignorance." I take the "Comic Reviewer" title seriously. I now have one commitment for this "hobby": Read everything I Buy - Review everything I Read. So while the world around me closes in by stacks of reviewed and to be reviewed books, I am pleased with my life for now I have a creative outlet for all my musings! :D

-Charles Joy (@thanosrules)