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Superman vs Wraith bothered me. Supes goes to Earths core to take away Wraith's advantage of extra powers, but the dude still had a ridiculous strength advantage over Superman that seemed to have been forgotten. And then Wolverine vs Sabretooth pretty much ignored their encounter in the Wolverine solo that literally wrapped up two weeks ago. The fights were nice though.

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If this is supposed to be in canon--according to Marcus To at least--why are her colors Pre-DCnU then?

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If he returns, have him pop up in someone else's book. Make him the focus of a Green Arrow arc or something and use that as an excuse to bring in a Bat-Family character in order to deal with him. Use that as build up until he makes another solid return in a Batman book.

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The magic vulnerability should've been dropped a long time ago, along with that stupid red sun weakness. However, keep the Kryptonite.

Why would they drop the red sun thing? Red suns don't recharge him and if he fights while under a red sun, he won't get recharged, so he'll get weaker in direct proportion to the amount of energy he exerts using his powers. If he gets hit with a red sun blast, the strike drains his reserves faster than a normal hit because the red solar energy occupies the space that yellow energy would take up.

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@i_need_a_horse said:

Yeah, Spidey does need some massive improvement right now. I still can't believe both Captain America and X-Men beat him at the box office, don't get me wrong they were both great movies and deserved it but that's quite frankly embarrassing for Spider-Man. That would never have happened 10-15 years ago. Just look at everything that's happened for Batman lately: great movies, games, comics and television. DC know how to treat a flagship character. Spider-Man has none of those because all the wrong people are working on him except for Bendis with the Ultimate series. Just fire Slott, Replace Beenox, Cancel Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon and get actual scriptwriters for Amazing Spider-Man 3.

Agree 100%. Would love for Marvel to hire a new creative team ASAP. Can you imagine the Slottonian infantile drivel applied to Batman? That's right, it would never happen because DC do indeed know how to treat a flagship character. The "Batman" & "Detective" titles are two of the best written and illustrated books going at the moment.

And it took two years for Detective to get good. Arguably, Amazing has been a hit with critics and fans alike for a lot longer than that.

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@allenzxa: @andhaira: This is possibel future so is not a valid scans to post here

At the moment, it's the current DC future, so I'd say it's valid until Futures End is resolved.

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@highaccuser: So you haven't read it, yet you make false assumptions, lol; Superdoom is slightly more powerful than Superman.

As frozen said:

@frozen said:

@highaccuser: SuperDoom does not use combat speed. He's generally slow and lumbering.

He might be a tad stronger but he fights like a brute.

So your jumping to the assumption that eventually Superman would have broke out of his grip; now your argument is getting really lazy.

Zod has NO feats to justify being able to hold Superman. NONE. The fact that Diana manhandled him directly contradicts that he was anywhere near Superman in strength.

Zod had him, and Diana had to submit; that sounds like a win to me for Zod.

Again, wasn't he amped by Apollo then?

Zod and Faora were amped by Apollo for the entire duration of the story. He's the reason why they gained powers so quickly and were able to be on Superman's level in the first place. Then he amped them further, which is why WW and Supes got those fancy armors and blah blah.

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He should go back to being Redbird.

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He's a battery. So as long as he doesn't fight or get near a red sun he can go for quite a while. I'm gonna say a few weeks.

Being near a red sun just means he can't replenish himself and is pretty much akin to him being deprived of sunlight in general. Except that when you hit him with red sun blasts, his body loses yellow sunlight and absorbs the red, which would account for the increase in pain received from continued attacks and decrease in power level.

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"No fan can afford to miss the comic that has everyone talking".

What??? Thor fans in general hate this publicity stunt, I will never spend money in this book...

No I don't.